Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama would like to see you in his office

A very funny satirical piece from the ONION:
Obama To Hold Job Performance Reviews For Every American Worker
The President says the purpose of the performance reviews is to have a little face time to make sure we're all on the same page going forward...

Funny? Yes. But I also found this video to be slightly disturbing because of it's plausibility. Not only the "Big Brother" aspect, but because Obama's economic policies are responsible for drastically shrinking the pool of Americans actually working who would require this sort of review.

Obama To Hold Job Performance Review With Every American Worker

"(these performance reviews are) part of his plan to spur economic growth by increasing national productivity..."
Makes more sense than what he's currently doing as it at least would address the REAL cause of economic growth - that being from the American worker and NOT the freakin' government spending printed money.

"A lot of Americans are nervous about their meeting with the president..."
Wouldn't you be?

Most Americans say that Obama was friendly but they prefer the old president because he, "never gave a sh** what we did."
Of course they feel the need to take a shot at Bush here. It's part of the Obama derangement syndrome. If having a president not giving a sh** what I do is defined as having a president who understands the role of government, sign me up.

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