Saturday, March 12, 2016


Yah, I don't remember that happening either...


  1. These protesters have brought even more media coverage to the Trumpster, but I don't believe this has helped him. After watching his latest speech in Missouri, I truly believe this man is clinically insane. There is no way in hell that he becomes the nominee without a majority of delegates - I don't see it happening. This is the strangest shit I've ever seen.

  2. We don't see Conservatives blocking free speech at Bernie or Hillary events, do we. Ya, where ARE the Bundys! :)
    Dr Hirkimer has a point; I often think Trump is clinically insane, too. Or clinically egomaniacal. He throws just the right red meat at the audiences and they go INSANE with adoration. Makes me shiver.
    He's said some things lately which I totally agree with; that kind of makes me shiver, too! :-)

  3. Hello "good" doctor. I don't know if this has helped him or not either. I think those who have taken his salute pledge are already worked up into a fevered pitch. Trumpster's negatives are so high, I don't see anything gaining him additional support. I read that polls show he is getting his "ceiling" and would get creamed in a two-man race against Cruz. Strange feces, indeed!

    Z, Clinically egomaniacal! I love that second opinion (but are you qualified to give this diagnosis as a pretend internet doctor like hirkimer?)... I am just so happy you understood the message of my meme. I had a friend (and fellow Repub) I haven't seen in a few years IM me to ask if I had changed parties because I dump on trump so much. UGH!

    Z: "He's said some things lately which I totally agree with."

    Yes he does, but then he says the exact opposite in the next sentence. What gives people like us shivers is that he appeals to the darker side of issues. I think he stirs the pot. We are all passionate about our core beliefs, but we don't want to approach this from "hate" IMO.

  4. My husband predicts that The Donald will be assassinated. I hope that's not true. All I can say is this election cycle is the weirdest I've ever experienced, and I'm old. And it's almost like many of the candidates (not all) are trying to out lie each other. Sad, really.

  5. The concerted effort against free speech comes mainly from the left wing nuts who are paid to protest. Follow the money because jetting across the nation to thwart Trump rallies isn't cheap. Why such an all-out frenzied attack to stop Trump? Follow the toes he will step on if he becomes president.

  6. Sparky, hopefully just his candidacy is crushed once Rubio and hand puppets step out.

    Cube I hear what u r saying and half of Trump's opposition are also mine... The other half are folks like me. Trump is getting toes on both feet stepped on.