Monday, March 7, 2016


The 2016 democrat presidential nominee (and some elderly and crazy-looking white guy with wild, white hippy-hair) had a debate "in the ghetto" last night. I found this statement quite haunting...

"Good judgement comes from experience.  Experience comes from bad judgment.  And sometimes that bad judgement can be pretty horrific!"

No, this was not a quote from Hillary's opening statement (as far as I know) regarding her lengthy list of bad judgments culminating in the murders in Benghazi.

The above quote is from Val Geissler, a cowboy poet from the movie Unbranded. I know this because the family fired up Netflix and watched it last night instead of the 2-hour Hillary campaign commercial debate taking place a mere mortar shell's distance away. Hillary likes to use the phrase, "Hard Choices". This was not one of those.

This, from imdb.
Sixteen mustangs, four men, one dream: to ride border to border, Mexico to Canada, up the spine of the American West. The documentary tracks four fresh-out-of-college buddies as they take on wild mustangs to be their trusted mounts, and set out on the adventure of a lifetime. Their wildness of spirit, in both man and horse, is quickly dwarfed by the wilderness they must navigate: a 3000-mile gauntlet that is equally indescribable and unforgiving.

"Currently, 50,000 wild horses are in government holding facilities waiting to be adopted."

Why? Did they send hundreds of classified emails from a private server?


  1. All those demoncrats where a mere mortar shell's distance away and you did not take advantage of that!? For shame DaBlade. Dang, if I'd pass that up ... *grin* ~:)

  2. Harry's Army Surplus has mortar shells.

  3. demoncrats. I like that, Sparky :) Yes, I may have lost my chance at occupying ghetto street and worshiping the progressive marxist leaders right here in town. Given the choice, I'd rather hang out in downtown Chernobyl than Flint.

    Ed, I've already explained this reference to the nice men in suits and sunglasses who knocked on my door. The mortar shell comment was a play off the earlier Benghazi comment... I don't own any shells in my arsenal that small.