Thursday, March 17, 2016

Michelle Obama Says She Will Not Run For President - A Nation Mourns

...and school lunchrooms riot from pure joy all across the country

Michelle has not ruled out accepting the GOP establishment's selection of her as a compromise candidate and someone demonstrably more conservative than Trump at a brokered GOP convention.


  1. She will, however, run for President of the Monkey Kingdom at Disney. I heard there's an opening there. ~:)

  2. Let's focus on michele's legacy.. Now let's see... $500 tennis shoes. 22 assistants and still can't accomplish more than your average 4 year old, multi hundred million dollar vacations, award her friend 3/4's of a Billion $ for creating a web site that beavis and butthead could have put together for $19 bucks and change, and which has subsequently been flushed down the toilet with no recourse to the friends of michele...
    Why is she not running???? According to today's standards, she is more than qualified. The pinnacle of qualified in fact. Much more qualified than that mobster POS the hildebeast. michele! Run for President ! Then President Camacho can take over your 8 year reign ! and continue your agenda.

  3. Sparky, At least she would be near her husband who will be working the Dumbo ride in retirement.

    cube, oh to be a kid again and to feel the same joy as these children learning they may not be force-fed a state-controlled mooshel diet for much longer...

    Kid, Two Mike Judge references in one comment! You have laid out her legacy ver nicely. It made me weep a little (after spraying coffee onto my keyboard). It does feel like Idiocracy has already arrived some time ago.

  4. DeBlade/Cube - i Am a Kid again, as I always will be. I sometimes force irresponsibility and money mismanagement upon myself to ensure that I never grow up.
    I will NOT grow up. Don't try to make me. Ain't happenin. And don't make me post nude selfie pics on Instafy either. Or any of that other stuff these young and restless zombies do.

    DeBlade - Danke Shoen. Idiocracy? I think we're here man ! 6 months ago, I'd have said naw, but today? Hell yea.

  5. Yep, I agree kid. But had I been on the Titanic that fateful night, I'd like to think I would have jammed to the orchestra playing on deck. Might as well have fun before somersaulting headfirst into the gigantic propeller.