Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Obama Castroted in Cuba

Obama was taking in baseball games and being "Castroted" in Cuba (h/t Bamboo Bob) while Izlamo terrorist nazis continue to rampage.
But Obama now promises he is taking steps to make sure this never happens again...

Meanwhile, Raul demonstrates to the state-controlled press (his, not ours) using his favorite obama double, Tasty Tyrone the castrated inflatable love doll, how he humiliated America...
Tasty Tyrone certainly seems a little more presidential, dontcha think?

How's that, kid?


  1. The limp-wristed, jug-eared, commie quisling has gone too far.

  2. When I come here, I want comedy, not reality!

  3. cube, HILARIOUS description :) But what did Tasty Tyrone ever do to you?

    Ed, Geez you and Kid are bringing out the long knives. Now I know how the Unknown Comic must have felt on a bad day on the set of Make Me Laugh. All I used to have to do was put a bag over my blog and make funny voices. oh well, obama has made himself impossible to lampoon.

  4. Lol. Tasty, if I may be on a first name basis with him, has never done anything against or, thank goodness, for me, but I do think Reggie Love would be someone Obama "feels" for more than Tasty.

  5. I believe you are correct. Reggie has been o's secret body man for years, but Raul has to make due with Tasty :)

  6. Good God. Excellent Work DaBlade. Should we cut obama some slack as those barbells look like the 5lb variety? No. Wow. just when you think obama can't get any more pathetic he contnues to lower the bar.