Sunday, March 20, 2016

Palm Sunday for Obama, Havana in the Highest

An excerpt from The Obama Memoir Chronicles
1 - It was almost game time as Obama and Raul Castro neared the baseball stadium in Havana, Cuba. Raul had planned on entering the stadium with the U.S. president in a mule-drawn carriage to cheering throngs.

2 - Obama had a better idea, and sent two of his secret service detail disciples to the airport in order to bring back the decked-out presidential limousine so they could travel before the masses in style.

3 - "Go now. You will find 'The Beast' tethered to Airforce One on the tarmac," said obama. "If anyone says anything to you, you are to say, 'The One needs it and will send it back when he is done.'"

4 - The pool reporters spread their cloaks on the road, while others were cutting branches from the trees and spreading them in obama's path. Havana in the highest!


Palm Sunday is the final Sunday of Lent and the beginning of Holy Week.  Faithful Christians are expected to celebrate this feast day by traveling to Havana, Cuba and taking in a baseball game with BFF, communist dictator and human rights violator extraordinaire,  Raul Castro.

Obama will likely be expected to cheer vociferously for the beloved Cuban national team, and to insist the visiting American Tampa Bay Rays players kneel in submission on the chalk lines with their hands clasped behind their heads for the Cuban national anthem.

Personally, I think this is a great sacrifice obama is making, as he would much rather be celebrating Palm Sunday like he normally does - in Palm Beach on the golf course.

EXCERPT from last year's Palm Sunday
Obama's Passion - Golf in Palm Beach on Sunday
On this Palm Sunday, I should like to compare and contrast a King and an ass.

PICTURED: An ass who thinks he's a king, sits in his limousine after arriving in Palm City, Florida, in order to pursue his passion - golf.

PICTURED: The Master and King of the universe, sits on an ass and makes His triumphal entry of into Jerusalem on the first Palm Sunday in order to begin His Passion - His torture and crucifixion for our salvation.

Palm Sunday – A King and a Donkey
by Bishop Robert Barron
A donkey was, in Jesus’ time, much what it is today: a humble, simple, unassuming little animal, used by very ordinary people to do their work. The wealthy and powerful might own horses or a team of oxen and a political leader might ride a stately steed, but none of them would have anything to do with donkeys.

All of his public career, Jesus had resisted when people called him the Messiah. He sternly ordered them to be silent. When they came to carry him off and make him King, he slipped away.

But now he is willing to be proclaimed precisely at the moment when he rides into Jerusalem on a donkey. The Gospel is clear: this is not only a donkey; it is a colt, the foal of an ass, on whom no one had ever previously sat. This is a young, inexperienced, unimpressive donkey. This is the animal upon whom Jesus rides into town in triumph. In other words, this is no ordinary King; this is not the Messiah that they expected.

Now let us look even more closely at the animal. Jesus tells two of his disciples to go into a neighboring town and to find this beast of burden. “If anyone asks, respond, ‘the Master has need of it’” (Matthew 21:3). The humble donkey, pressed into service, is a model of discipleship. Our purpose in life is not to draw attention to ourselves, to have a brilliant career, or to aggrandize our egos. Rather, our purpose is to serve the Master’s need—to cooperate, as he sees fit, with his work.

What was the donkey’s task? He was a “Christopher,” a Christ-bearer. He carried the Lord into Jerusalem, paving the way for the passion and the redemption of the world. Would anyone have particularly noticed him? Probably not, except perhaps to laugh at this ludicrous animal.

The task of every disciple is just the same: to be a “Christopher,” a bearer of Christ to the world. Might we be unnoticed in this? Yes. Might we be laughed at? Of course. But the Master has need of us and so we perform our essential task.


  1. They were sent to get The Beast.
    How does Hillary fit into the narration?

  2. I caught what Ed said, too!

    Jerry, this is a FANTASTIC, HILARIOUS post and there is a heck of a lot of truth behind the laughter!! thanks...well done.
    And Happy Palm Sunday!

  3. Ed, +1 You are so right and I should have caught that. There are so many beasts in this administration. Nobody in their right mind would untether hillary though.

    Z, Thanks and glad you laughed. What is the obama countdown at now? something like 10 months I think. It seems like an eternity with this guy.

    kid, I thanj you sir.

  4. Great analogy Jerry, as always. And I caught The Beast comment too but thought it might be the vacation loving Mooch. My bad. ~:)