Saturday, March 19, 2016


Woman mysteriously 'disappears' during a live TV interview 

Where did she go? Internet is baffled after woman 'DISAPPEARS' on live TV Woman at an airport luggage carousel is there one minute and not the next A passenger talks to her over her shoulder and then moves forward But suddenly the lady is no longer in sight, baffling the internet

This is the crazy moment a woman seemed to disappear on live television.

There have been numerous theories put forward regarding the what happened to the disappearing lady. Some say she is a ghost. Some blame alien abduction. Maybe a momentary black hole created by that particle accelerator at CERN punched through the fabric of space and time to swallow her?

I think her husband deserves an answer, don't you? I bet if he tried, he could get his room comped and a replacement bag sent up to his room. The airlines would do this for lost luggage, so...

Regardless of THE ANSWER, I will say that I think the wrong question is being asked. Instead of asking, "where did the woman go?," let's start asking...

"Isn't it worth a try?"

What if the exact same set of circumstances that led to this woman's disappearance could be recreated? What if the same Norwegian TV reporter was interviewing the same Danish sports guy and the same woman with a suitcase-laden trolley was positioned in the background and looking over her shoulder as she walked past...???
Don't we owe it to our children and our children's children to at least try?


  1. GoFundMe!
    I'm in!
    My bank routing number is 19385-3.
    Take it all!

  2. HAHA! Slow down Ed. It's Hillary who can make US disappear.

  3. You're so funny DaBlade! Here's my thoughts: I wish someone would make Hillary disappear and take her inbred husband with her. ~:)

  4. It was Bill Mumy in a stocking cap who was pushing the cart behind the lady in the video. I'm certain of it! Thanks again for another good laugh cuz.

  5. Sparky, you forgot to leave me your checking account routing number to make this happen. You can count on me!

    Dr h, YES!! Out to the cornfield with all of them! Thanks for laughing!

  6. If the GOP can manage to lose yet another election against an ugly beast with no accolades, accomplishments and is a mobster, an unconvicted criminal, as ugly as a raccoons butt in a garbage can in Brooklyn after a heavy rain and used as an airsick bag by a drunk, and with the voice of satan's butthole after 5 days without a shower, we must find a way to screw the GOP 28 ways from Sunday so that they are relegated to the dustbin of history never to emerge as the entity they currently are ever again.

  7. I know ed, i love it when he does that. Makes me grin like an idiot.