Friday, April 15, 2016

A Tale of 3 Memes

I saw this "Equality vs Equity" meme yesterday and it confused me.

The panel on the left is supposed to represent "Equality". Let's check in with Merriam-Webster.

EQUALITY: (Simple definition) :the quality or state of being equal : the quality or state of having the same rights, social status, etc.

See my confusion? We have three home-grown panhandlers in the foreground who are peering over a barrier to watch high-price millionaires play a child's game, while honest & hard-working Americans in the stands had to pay outrageous prices for their tickets, not to mention having to pay almost $10 bucks for a cup of beer!

The second panel is labeled "Equity". Let's start once again with the dictionary definition.

EQUITY: (Simple definition) :fairness or justice in the way people are treated.

The only difference I can see (unless this is one of those picture puzzles with slight changes?) Is that the pedophile on the left gave the handicapped fella with the freakishly long arms and no legs below the knees on the right his box to stand on so he could see over the fence.  Equity? How so, now that the large pedophile has to presumably stand in his own urine to watch the game?

Now I'm pretty sure the message here is supposed to somehow represent the unfairness of capitalism and the necessity for the re-distribution of wealth. How can a system be fair if we all start under different circumstances? And why is there this barrier of entry to the playing field, where the wealthiest 1% are hording all the hotdogs? TEAR DOWN THESE WALLS and let the crack heads flow over the right field border and have an equal crack at the plate! In fact, let's inject some Democratic Socialism and have these crack-heads shake down the rich patrons and take their wallets and purses at the end of a gun. #FeelTheBern!

And then I had an idea on how to improve this meme.

In my utopia, there is no free lunch. If you want something, you have to work for it and earn it. You want to watch the baseball game? Buy a freakin' ticket! You want $15 an hour? Deserve it! You'd rather steal what's not yours?

Oh, and if you want to win? If you want so much winning, you’ll get bored with winning? You have to enter the playing field, dipsh**

Equine :Hoofed mammals having slender legs and a flat coat with a narrow mane along the back of the neck


  1. I will go further. I am tired of the "panhandlers" at my door who want to know if I have any cans or bottles (10 cents in Michigan) for their soccer team or other special interest group. Many times these are school sponsored athletic teams. What the hay are they learning from this begging? They may as well ask for any spare change as they hold out their hands. I always tell them to come back when the grass needs cutting or the leaves need raking if they want to "earn" some money. I don't mind when they are selling some shit, and I usually buy something from these snotty nosed kids. Am I wrong Dablade?

  2. People are not equal. Even if some number of people are born into the same environment with the same economics and opportunities, they will not end up equal. Individuals are unique. It gets tiring explaining the simple ya know.

    The equality crap is part of the communist activist Thang. It's communist.

    You got your Michael Dell, and you got your Keyshawn Gangbang. It's simple right?

  3. Sparky, Your subscription has been extended an additional month on me!

    dr h, Have you considered the possibility that these kids are collecting on behalf of their abusive alcoholic father and NOT some sports team or for band uniforms? They should have an e-verify card and otherwise allow you a few weeks to vet them by making some calls. After that, it's a negotiation. "I'll give you my $30 in cans if you give me $20 bucks." MORE than fair. They are earning their $10 in gas and time by performing an errand for you. If they say no, then at least you gave them a chance and a lesson in economic. However, with the obama economy in tatters and banks on the verge of negative interest rates, you may some day have to pay these kids to take actually paper money away from your wallet.

    Kid, I get it. That's why I find that meme so silly (especially passed around in young 'academic' circles). Life is not fair, if by fair you think that poor man in the meme missing his legs should be paid the same as that Latino professional baseball player who was born into worse poverty but won the genetic athletic lottery. Wouldn't that be real equity to make him the million dollar pitcher and force the rest of us to pay for it while el presidente does "The Wave" in the stands with the Cuban Despot of the day!?

    P.S. Love Keyshawn Gangbangs new hit single, "Breakin' Hoe". It's a toe tapper bro.

  4. that's a very #WhitePrivilege point of view.

    btw, ALL of the public paid for that stadium, despite the private profits, it was PUBLICALLY funded.

  5. no freebies here, #nomatteryourcolor.
    BTW, Need a box to stand on?
    thanks for stopping by.

  6. I love your redo with the guy getting arrested, but I really want a version of it that

    1. doesn't have the horrible jpg artifacting (try saving as .png instead)
    2. avoids knee-jerk reactions by racially sensitive people by making the police officer black.

    Can you do that?