Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Tiny Shrimp-like Creatures Lacking Advanced Brains go for Trump and Hillary on East Coast

Tiny Ocean Animals Get "Drunk" on Algae, Act Crazy

Even tiny ocean animals get soused—and not just in seawater. 

A common species of plankton in the northern Atlantic Ocean becomes intoxicated when it slurps up toxic algae, a new study says.

And just like drunk partygoers, "drunk" plankton take questionable risks.
"They’re eating something that is changing their behavior.”  
Buhleave me.


  1. I'll vote for a tiny-brained brine shrimp over Hillary. Sea monkeys are at least entertaining.

  2. HA! But in my example metaphornalogy thingy, the poisonous algae in the linked story represents the Donald's rhetorical flourish ("I have the best words") and the brainless Sea monkeys with the lampshades on their heads are the Trumpeters on Fox News... its all very clear to me :) So maybe the poisonous algae is Fox news? Now Im confused.