Saturday, April 2, 2016

Obama Makes Islamic State Finger Salute While Holding up Cameron's Severed Head For the Team Photo at the Nuclear Summit

Well, ain't this special?

Obama plays the clown by flashing the peace sign for nuclear security summit 'team photo'... and gets a very unimpressed look from David Cameron and bemused world leaders
Surrounded by world leaders, President Barack Obama gave the peace sign as they gathered for a 'team photo' during a two-day nuclear summit.

All eyes were on Obama as 54 other presidents and prime ministers joined him in Washington, DC, for crunch talks on Iran and terrorist threats involving nuclear weapons.

There was one set of eyes, however, that was particularly focused on the President - those of Prime Minister David Cameron.

Relations between Cameron and Obama have been strained since the President criticized the Prime Minister for getting 'distracted' during the crisis in Libya and turning it into a 's**t show'.
and that's when it went from bad to worse... 

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