Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Quit You, Drudge

I am looking for a new homepage.

I have gone through numerous desktop PCs over the years, but the Drudge Report has been a staple and my browser homepage of choice for almost 20 years since Drudge first broke my radar by breaking the Lewinski scandal. Ever since, it has been where I started and ended my morning surf sessions, and whenever I got too lost and tangled in the internet weeds, a quick click on the 'house' icon at the top right on my browser would steer me back to the familiar aggregator where sanity reigned.

Not anymore.

I am sick and tired of the Drudge Report's pro-Trump headlines and story slants, and I am disgusted with his mocking of Christians. If I wanted to read the Huffing Glue Post, I'd just go to the original.

Don't get me wrong. I am not swearing off reading Drudge, and imagine I will visit occasionally, as I do other popular liberal sites to see what the other wacko progressives are talking about. The page will just no longer be my quick click sanctuary and I will have to find him at the bottom of my prodigious bookmarks collection right next to the fuzzy lint and the Daily Kos.

I'm sure Matt will get over it. He won't even notice, but I certainly will.

Now it's time for the reader participation portion of the Chattering Teeth Blog. Tell me what your homepage is, and make a case as to why I should adopt it. Tell me how you first met, and how long you've been together.

In the meantime, my temporary homepage has been changed to Random Text Generator Dot Com. Oh sure, I may not get the whole truth and nothing but the truth there, but at least ten the hastened steepest feelings pleasant few surprise property.


  1. Et tu Drudge!? Sorry to hear about their backsliding.
    I don't think I have a homepage. My 'new tab' selection is always a blank page. Guess I'm behind the times .... again. ~:)

  2. Since IGoogle left I found:
    It's configurable.
    I display my Google Bookmarks, Gmail, Fox News feed, Google News feed, Weather, etc. but there are a ton of choices (widgets) for it.
    And there is a mobile version.
    I use my blogpage as my RSS feed.

  3. I don't know...i hate YAHOO but their search engine is the best for me so I'm frequently seeing their headlines, etc...which are usually hideously celeb-oriented, or anti-Conservative.
    I never go to Drudge so I didn't know he's in Trump's tank....i will say, however, that most of you know I knew Andrew Breitbart and his site has become like WND or even as bad as Free Republic...Andrew was against media bias, that was what his blog started out about....he was no conservative until he started to see what was going on in America with the media and how leftwing platforms were failing us, and then he branched out from a blog that was trying to do stories the media wasn't telling us, or was twisting to the left, and began posting articles which were conservative, by sensible, good cons. writers....i hate what Breitbart's become, so would he, and I am sorry about Drudge.

  4. Sparky, "a blank page..." That sounds like my brain pre-coffee in the AM :)

    Ed, That page looks interesting with the personalized widgets system. I don't have my bookmarks saved online tho. That sounds too much like work. But it appears there could be a number of news and blog feeds right on the front. I may give that a try.

    Z, I use Yahoo news page on occasion. Yes it is leftward bent but lots of links and up-to-date. As for Breitbart, I didn't know that you knew him. He was a renaissance man for conservative news and is sorely missed on that stage. I have been disappointed with this site's sycophantic worship of Trump 24/7 so I rarely go their any more. I have heard clips of Andrew stating Trump is no true conservative, so I assumed he wouldn't be proud of what that site has became, but it now means more coming from you.

  5. I've never been to Drudge.

    My home page is news.google.com which is personalized to not show propagandized images with the headlines. I hate to see the beasts, just give me the headline and I'll decide if I want to read any of the story. Usually not. But then it is personalized to include stories on all the things I'm interested in. Add anything you want and get the latest internet offerings on 'it'. You could include drudge as a subsection. I have all sorts of things on there. Recipes, physics, quantum universes, the latest in women's lingerie, sexual dysfunction in Japan, etc etc, etc. Anything I could possibly be interested in is right there on my page. And no pictures of the beast.

  6. I will experiment this weekend for something configurable like that. Japanese men and their robot lovers may not make the cut, but that doesn't mean I am some kind of robotophobic. I usually will check out the local and state newspaper sites, thne the big MSM sites like Foxnews and CNN,before going to the big national conservative blog and opinion sites then into our corner of the blog world. sounds like i could put those widgets all in one place. Maybe even a All Hillary, All the time widget :) for blog fodder research

  7. I recommend an all beast all the time widget search section in the case that you are a closet masochist. Elsewise, I'd advise against it.

    Seriously though. Anything you are interested in can be offered up on a single page.
    I like RTnews (Russia) and BBC World News for scanning things I may not have though of including.

  8. I still go to Drudge early morning and branch out from there.