Saturday, April 9, 2016


In defiance of the NC 'Bathroom Law' and in solidarity with perverted men's right to identify sharing a public john with girl scouts.


  1. I just can't understand why less than 4% of the population gets so much press? What would 'the boss' do if all the others in the USA wouldn't go to his concerts? I applaud NC for their stand. I'm glad my kids are adults, but I do wonder what will happen to our precious grand children? What is wrong with keeping 'private parts' private? I'm sure I'll get a back lash for these comments, but.....

  2. Linda, Nice to hear from you again! There won't be any back lash from me or anyone here because I crush descent from leftist wacko progressive democrat perverts. I share your concerns. My wife just said I am not allowed to play his music anymore... I dunno cuz I like his old stuff and if I held myself to that standard, there's not much left to watch or listen to. God Bless!

  3. Thanks! I read your posts, but don't comment often. Don't feel like you are alone! I don't think I can name a single song he's done! LOL!

  4. I frankly have never ever ever gotten the appeal of Springsteen.
    New Jersey values and all.

  5. I agree with all the above. Also, I can't stand his noise, eh, "music". Besides nobody listens to Bruce Springsteen. He's soooo last year. ~:)

  6. Will just re-post my comment from Adrienne's place...

    Adrienne. NAILED IT again.

    Possibly, I'm thinking people in areas that depend on consumers for their revenue jump on these issues in support of whatever it is. Many entertainers and politicians have come out as pro-gay. Cher for example. It's marketing more often that someone making a heart felt statement about some group of people. Seriously, does Brucey give a * about anyone? I doubt it. I know politicians don't.

    Plus, they say there are only 3-4% of the population who are gay. Given the media coverage we get the impression there are a lot more. But say it is 5%. How many of those 5% are even interested in hearing Bruce play, and how many of those would not go to his event because it was in NC? The numbers have to be extremely small.

    Yea, they should sue him. In fact, we should sue every libtard that pops their head above ground and demands to be heard, just like teh ACLU has done to conservatives.

    Finally, imo Bruce Springsteen can't sing, Nor can he come up with a song that isn't so freakin boring that if someone gave me one of his CD's I'd chuck it out the window on the freeway with extreme prejudice. He sucks as a performer. The Boss? What? He did write Blinded By the Light, which Manfred Mann recorded and is a good tune so I'll give him that but he's done nothing on his own that I'm interested in.

  7. Ed, Ah yes, the NJ values. You must hate the police and fire fighters in NJ? Boss groupie Chris Christie would like to have a word with you and they will be watching for your plate# on the border.

    Sparky, he does look constipated on stage. That with the hole-in-the-knee jeans and the bandana is a little creepy for an old guy.

    Kid, Good points. Look what Cher did to her own daughter, Chaz Bono. YIKES!!! They need a different designation of bathroom for that monstrosity. "CLEANUP ON AISLE... Oh just nevermind and burn it down!"

    As for percentages, they are small, with most coming from the ranks of the genetically predisposed (who require intervention, not congratulations) - and a segment of kids screwed up by these mixed PC messages.

    As for Springsteen and the E Street Band, I'm guessing you wouldn't like their music even if Bruce was a practicing libertarian conservative. That's all I was saying. I try to separate the ideology from the art. I have even watched a Leonardo Dicaprio and Sean Penn movie or two and enjoyed them. Don't hate me!

  8. One final point, some guys have told me, they'd be willing, back in high school, to put on a wig and a skirt just to cruise the girls bathroom.

    Plus if you're a guy and you're gay wouldn't to cruise the boys room instead?

    So many questions.

    Oh, and the number or percentage of gays in government is astounding. They are way over-represented.