Friday, April 1, 2016


It's April Fools' Day, so let's just get that part out of the way...


  1. I saw the rss feed and couldn't wait.
    Perfect. :) :) :)

  2. Boy, are we in trouble this election year. The country is definitely in the toilet and it looks like a Trump. (Feel free to use that.) *grin* ~:)

  3. oh, good not to see TRUMP!

  4. Ed, sometimes the last second before work ones are the best. Glad u laughed

    Sparky, taking a trump. I love it! Someone open a window we have a trump situation here!

    Z, i think Waldo may know more about the machinations of governance than trump.

  5. "Taking a trump"..perfect!!
    And yes, Waldo probably does know more.
    I saw your comment at Ed's about not feeling it's definitely going to be a Trump candidacy...I agree with you AND I believe I've seen a poll where Cruz actually beats out Hillary. Which stunned me.
    I'm not a huge Cruz fan but his performance at the CNN Townhall this week was very, very good....his answers are excellent; now if he'd just stop sounding like a Baptist minister with all those pregnant pauses (wait, do Baptists say PREGNANT?!!) and smiling every time he says something and the crowd applauds even when it was a REALLY serious statement. That DRIVES ME NUTS :-)

  6. Z, Hillary is such a weak candidate. I think Trump might be the only one who would lose to her. And I do think Cruz would crush her. Watch what happens in Wisconsin. I predict a severe trump drubbing and hopefully a catapult for Cruz to the nomination. He might not be pretty to look at or listen to, but I tell you what... he is the real conservative constitutional deal.