Thursday, April 21, 2016

The Con Artist formerly known as Barry Soetoro Bows To The Saudi Prince

In a prepared statement delivered from the Ladies Rest Room in the West Wing, President Obama offered heartfelt remarks and offered his "thoughts and a call to prayer" for the recently fallen police officers and the men and women of our military.

Just kidding. It was for some rap artist fella.

And now it's time for...


  1. Grr? You usually do that when u disapprove. Are you a closet fan of that effeminate saudi Prince?

  2. and I wonder what was said about the 9/11 commission report..."Oh, King, you're not happy? Let me bow to you and make sure that never comes out!"
    But it looks like it might be...this could get interesting.

  3. PS - When I'm president, I will tell whatever vermin has risen to the top of the petroleum lake in S Arabia that I have no intention of giving the time of day to a bunch of vermin who happen to be billionaires because they are sitting on a huge lake of oil. Wake me up when they actually provide something of value to the world. In the meantime.....

  4. ok I was 'detained' over the weekend with limited access to this series of tubes. Cube had a good one, as recognized by Kid, who himself had a very good one later. Z, yes I've been wondering what happened with that report. We'll just have to stay tuned on that.