Friday, April 8, 2016

Nothing like Opening Day in Detoit!

Comerica Park's Chief Groundskeeper Fired on Opening Day For Infield Error.

What if there was a baseball game and a hockey fight broke out? At least the beer is cold.


  1. I hate the appeal to the immigrants.
    Come Rica Park!

  2. Aw, but is the frozen water lead free? Better consume only soft drinks or beer. ~:)

  3. What the heck is "baseball' ?

  4. Ed, Who I see what you did there :) The Tigers lineup would be decimated without our beloved Latinos. Como esta El Parko indeed!

    Sparky, Detroit has sparkling clean and fresh water. It's just Flint with the water issues. Think of Detroit as the well and Flint as it's septic field.

    Kid, It is the word right before hotdogs and apple pie. It's Americano my friend. A necessary diversion for some who need temporary relief from the crazies with their jack boots on our throats. This may horrify you, but I have a weekend of baseball, NHL season-ending hockey AND Masters Golf watching to do... YES!!! GO WINGS! GO TIGERS!!! GO... SPIETH (Or Rory... or that amateur kid, Bryson Dechambeau. Now HE is a very cool story)

  5. Enjoy DeBlade. If I were king I'd allow sports to continue. I used to be addicted actually. Lived in Pittsburgh in the 70's if'n ya know what I mean. I just see sports as the owners being organized crime and the players mostly as thugs, woman beaters, and gang bangers. I'm not supporting them any more. Plus I find it all extremely boring. As I'm known to remark from time to time - Why do the sportscasters scream so much? Because it would be freakin boring if they didn't.

    I will admit that the last sport I gave up on is the most boring stuff you can watch - Golf. Being a player myself (therefore an appreciation for the talent) it was sure fun watching Tiger chew through all those long held records. When he revealed himself to be the asshole he is, I lost interest there too. But Damn did he play some golf.. Tiger's never coming back. Golf is a confidence game, and he'll never get his back to the level it was or needs to be. Plus no more roids. Jack's Majors record is safe for a while I'd say.

    I may watch a little Masters tomorrow though. What a beautiful course that is.

  6. PS - Amateurs have done well at Augusta. Don't know Bryson, will have to check him out. Rory has a good swagger for the game. I haven't watched Spieth play yet.

  7. Kid, Understood. My 21-year-old son wanders by the den and says, "Dad, are you really watching GOLF?" He thought I was up to something :) He knows I watch almost everuthing sports, including horse racing BUT excluding soccer. I hate soccer.

    Spieth is looking for his second Masters in a row, and except for the round-ending doubly Bogey 18th, he still holds a one shot lead. Rory's wheels came off but BERNHARD LANGER is within shouting distance on the final day! Gives us old dudes hope, eh?

  8. Yes, and how about that hole in 1 on the par 3 course by Gary Player ?

    And who the heck is Willit? Augusta tends to bring out more unknowns doesn't it?

    I hate soccer even more than I hate hockey.