Monday, April 18, 2016

Putin's Pegasus Has Pentagon Perturbed

Chattering Teeth News - Just a week after the United States Navy Destroyer USS Donald Cook had a close encounter fly-by with a Russian jet in international waters in the Baltic Sea, they are barrel-rolled by a shirtless Russian President Vladimr Putin on a flying Pegasus.

Secretary of State John Kerry described Putin's action as reckless and provocative. "I immediately telephoned President Obama on the secure line in the First Golf Cart," said Kerry. "I told the president that I thought this creature was only a myth. He answered, "No, Putin is real and he's spectacular."

The Captain of the American vessel was then contacted by obama and commended for the restraint he showed with the giant carrot bazooka in this belligerent incident. The Captain answered, "don't mention it. Call any time."

The first mate then explained to the captain that the "belligerent incident" obama referenced had to do with Putin and not obama's phone call.

'Aggressive maneuvers'
Close encounters between the two super powers have become increasingly common in recent months.


  1. How I long for the U.s. to return to relevancy in the respect category on the world stage. A former KGB agent (Jack Barsky) who wanted out of the spy business told the Russkies that he had contracted aids and was a dying man. His quote from that 60 minutes interview was classic. He said two things the Russians feared most at that time was aids and Ronald Reagan and not in that order.

  2. The first golf cart ! Hhahaaa

    Hey obama, look out for that bear. Well on 2nd thought.

  3. Doc, relevancy and respect not for their own prideful sake, but for our sovereignty and security. The world has never been exactly stable, but it is coming apart at the seems with this current disastrous "America last" appeasing and apologizing foreign policy of obama's and Hillary's. As for Mr Barsky, that is an excellent story I had never heard or have forgotten. I'm not sure about his strategy... "You're free to go" is not what I would have expected the KGB to tell me after lying to them about aids.

    Kid, Putin says he is in international fairways and the grizzly is just doing routine maneater errr I mean maneuvers.

  4. I'm afraid no matter who wins... we're so far behind.