Monday, April 10, 2017

Boots on the Table

Nikki Haley tells Russia and Iran nothing "is off the table"

Brian Regan explains boots on the ground.


  1. watching the comedian..woohoo! Have a beautiful holiday ny friend--.paint some eggs! hugzzzzzzzzzz xoxoxoxo

  2. Loved your Passover and Easter feast post, Angel! Bring on the chocolate eggs.

    Kid, I agree. Russia has no credibility with thinking humans. As we know, libs are not deep thinkers, and I was just listening to some asinine leftist conspiracy theories on MSM outlets (on Ben Shapiro's podcast) - apparently, they believe it likely that TRump colluded with Pooty Poot by telling him to gas kids so he could look great with the missile attack. Really a new low by msm. Close the mosques AND the msm outlets.

    Speaking of scary clowns, Is that Pelosi on the new IT movie trailor? She does belong in the sewer.

  3. Saw a funny today... "Pentagon hires United Airlines to Take Out Assad." hahaha