Friday, April 28, 2017

Climate Change Coloring Book

Dear snowflakes, cupcakes and progressive twits,
We here at the spacious Chattering Teeth blog studios know just how scary the world is to you. From mean old Trump as president, to Ann Coulter threatening to visit Berkeley to ENGAGE IN SPEECH! But worst of all is Global Warming!!! *GASP*

What better way for an snowflake to relieve stress that an adult coloring book? (yoga pants and kale not included). Introducing:

The Climate Change Coloring Book
"This book is not political, but a celebration of information, learning, and research."

More like full blown propaganda, but at least its printed on 100% recycled paper and Vegetable-based, non-toxic ink.

This adult coloring book has given me an idea for my own capitalist money-making venture. No, not another coloring book. That market is a little thin for actual grown ups. I'm thinking more in line with pistol range paper targets, made from virgin Redwood tree flesh, and inked with polar bear blood. A pack of 20 targets would include bulls-eyes featuring caricatures of your favorite Climate Nazis like Bill DeNye and Algore, and various arctic creatures precariously perched on floating icebergs.

Stay tuned.


  1. I'm thinking of a board game like Battleship, only with Oil Rigs off the American coasts. :)


  3. Dangit!! I'm always behind the 8 ball and slow to the dance.

  4. Where ya been man? Hope all is well.

  5. The book is produced by KICKSTARTER....that means they kick start kids into actually believing this RUBBISH! :-)
    By the way, coloring books ARE very popular now...women get them to calm down, focus, color in the flowers. (Drives me NUTS after 4 minutes, but many adore them!)

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  7. kid, I'm blogpolar and go into these hibernations from time to time. Thanks for checking back.

    Z, I know there are very cool christian themed adult coloring books. Some find it relaxing but I'm with you. That's why we do this instead, right?

  8. something to give to my niece so that at a young age she will be aware of the climate change