Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Those Yachting Obamas

Barack directs Michelle to back it up on deck of music mogul's luxury liner.

Ladies and gentlemen, Please welcome Robert Wagner's good friend, Christopher Walken to the blog...

"Mooshell on a barge? Definitely gonna need more cow bell."


North Korea spooked by reports that David Geffen’s luxury yacht, the Rising Sun, is en route off their shores and carrying the Obamas, Oprah Winfrey, Tom Hanks and Bruce Springsteen. The yacht can accommodate 18 guests and a staff of 55 people and has a basketball court - but Dennis Rodman is not reported to be with them. If this collection of kooks were headed my way, I would consider it an act of war. By the way, is it really a good idea to be traveling with Tom Hanks?


  1. Any amount of luck, it will be a 3 hour tour.
    Hanks can play the Professor.
    Barry as Gilligan.

  2. The Obamas are doing as best they can. Barack's problem is that no self respecting shark would take a bite out of Michelle before dragging her down to Davy Jones - and the oil from the hair treatment will keep her afloat indefinitely.

  3. Ed, i like, though I wonder if Barry would make a better "Lovey". Too much to hope for an iceberg I suppose.

    LL, haha! She'd bob to the surface quicker than Jaws with an empty barrel :)

    Thanks sumon, I pride myself for useful information, which I assume you have committed to memory. Now where did I leave my herbs?...

  4. But what of Natalie Wood.... What of Natalie Wood.

  5. Kid, Shhhh... don't ruin Mooshell's surprize. "Barack! Why you be tying that anchor to my swollen ankle?"

  6. I had a dream where they both went overboard, but I can't say much more 'cause of the black helicopters and the routine surveillance of all citizens, you know. They were both wearing down-filled jackets at the time ;) Shades of poor Natalie.