Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bishop to King's pawn two

Bishops criticize Biden's abortion statements.

Biden tries to nuance around his so-called Catholic faith and his liberal facist extremists views on abortion rights during spot on Meet The Press:
Asked on the program about when life begins, Biden said: "Look, I know when it begins for me. It's a personal and private issue. For me, as a Roman Catholic, I am prepared to accept the teachings in my church."

He added that while he believes life begins "at the moment of conception," it would inappropriate to impose that view on others in a pluralistic society.

The bishops said Biden was right to say human life begins at conception. But the church "does not teach this as matter of faith; it acknowledges it as a matter of objective fact," they said.

"Protection of innocent human life is not an imposition of personal religious conviction but a demand of justice," they added.


via Hot Air: Joe Biden lectures on special needs children, birth defects, and Republicans opposition to infanticide....

"If you care about it, why don't you support stem cell research?"

Who is against stem cell research? Oh, you mean EMBRYONIC stem cells, not ADULT stem cells. Obviously, the democrats feel that if a living human embryo isn't killed in the process of harvesting stem cells, what's the point? After all, this is a "bait and switch" issue to these liberal facist extremists.

There is this: "In stark contrast to the failures of embryonic stem cell research, the future looks very promising for treatment with adult stem cells."

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  1. Joe is a gift. You simply could not come up with a worse choice for The Barack of Obama's running mate. Joey's the perfect combination of gaffe machine, dense cluelessness, and smarmy bully all rolled into one big oily Chia Pet.