Friday, September 5, 2008

Obama on The Factor

Obama interviewed by O'Reilly on the Factor:

O'Reilly: "Thank's for doing this senator. You're a beautiful man and I promise to act tough but promise to serve up nothing but softballs here to make you look good. Am I wrong?"

Obama: "errr... uhhhh... ummm..."

O'Reilly: "Sarah Palin. Good choice by McCain? What say you?"

Obama: "So what I'm saying is, I now know Biden blows but you can't risk electing Palin. You know, she's new, she doesn't look like the other vice presidents on the currency. Her children have funny names. Trig? Like gun "trigger"? Track - Willow - Piper - Bristol? What the hell is that? What will Bristol name her child when it's born? Bullwinkle? That's basically my argument -- she's too risky."

O'Reilly: "Batman or Superman? I'll give you the last word."

Obama: "errr... uhhhh... ummm..."


  1. Batman. Definitely Batman. Although, I'm pretty sure The Barack of Obama likes the Green Hornet best.

  2. I would have asked BO what he thought about Palin having enough experience for the VP job. After BO trashed her, I would have pointed out the last two democratic presidents were former Govenors of Arkansas and Georgia. This Palin chick is very sharp and I think she has the guts to drive the MSM nuts-where has she been all my life?!!!!