Thursday, September 4, 2008


I'm no "PALINTOLOGIST", but I am homeschooling to become one. Paleontology may be the study of old bones, but a Palintologist studies the remarkable career and achievements (so far) of Sarah Palin. After her performance last night, there is no doubt in my mind she has helped win this election for John McCain. What better collection of "old bones" for Sarah to study and learn from at this place and time then John McCain.

Flipping through channels the other day, I stumbled upon this bit by comedian Daniel Tosh: "I want to be rich enough to release a dozen doves every time I walked into a room. Everyone would be like 'Did you see that guy come out of the bathroom? The one with doves!..."

No, Sarah doesn't release doves when she walks into a room. However, since "Barracuda" is her nickname, I can't help hearing the opening guitar licks to Heart's "Barracuda" every time I see Palin on my TV screen. Let's take a brief time-out so you can join me in this musical endeavor (This blog will continue after these important guitar licks).

Sarah "Barracuda" Palin

Mitt Romney provided some tasty red meat to the convention floor with his, "is it liberal or conservative" rap. "Is a Supreme Court decision liberal or conservative that awards Guantanamo terrorists with constitutional rights?"
"It's liberal!"

Huckabee was great also, especially with his "Barack Obama’s excellent adventure to Europe" jibe.

I feel like Chris Farley doing the "Did you see Terminator" bit on SNL, but did you see Giuliani light up Obama? Wasn't that awesome!? My favorite Guiliani barb: "On the other hand, you have a resume from a gifted man with an Ivy League education. He worked as a community organizer, and immersed himself in Chicago machine politics. Then he ran for the state legislature, where nearly 130 times he was unable to make a decision yes or no. He simply voted 'present.'"

The visual of Obama watching this at home, wearing a slight frown and upturned elitist nose brings me great joy.

But the night belonged to the Palinator: "The American presidency is not supposed to be a journey of 'personal discovery.' This world of threats and dangers is not just a community, and it doesn't just need an organizer..."

So now begins the "trail of tears" for Obama and the democrats. The Barack leads in the polls by 6-8 points prior to Palin's address. There are a lot of otherwise intelligent and good people across this country who have been caught up in Obama's messiah-like celebrity mystique. I don't think it will take long now for this facade to crumble, exposing Obama for what he really is.

A "bridge to nowhere".


  1. We like to play "Guess The DNC Talking Points" at times like this. At the end of her speech it was pretty clear that the DNC filled media member's Blackberries with, "But, but, but...she didn't write that speech." As if The One, Lord Obama, writes the stuff he reads from the teleprompter. Off script he's all ums, ahhs, and errs. I hope they actually think Gov. Palin will be as inept as Barry. They won't know what hit 'em.

  2. What happened the the "Yeah!! YEAH!! YEAH" guy?? Just when he woulda came in handy

    Course Sarah (our lovably hockey mom)probably woulda slapped him. Now, that woulda been cool.... huh..huh..

  3. How sad. The Wilson sisters of Heart are upset with the GOP for rocking out to Barracuda and have sent a Cease and desist letter! Still smoking reefer at their age.