Friday, November 20, 2009

fava beans and a nice chianti or tabasco with a bottle of ripple?

I'm typing away on the office computer when that tune from the Geico commercials starts blaring in my head. It "I always feel like... Somebody's Watching Me..." I swiveled around in my ergonomically correct desk chair, all levers and dials set at stun. I fully expected to see that stack of money with the googly eyes, but to my horror, I found myself staring into this eyeball! He's Baaaack!

I snapped this picture with my camera phone, not really sure if this macabre apparation would even appear. Either the vampire test only works with real film, or at least this fella is not of the undead. He could still be wired. I plan on setting a snare and we shall see.

If I'm lucky, this guy may learn the painful truth about Thanksgiving dinner during the Obama years. We'll see how anxious he is to eyeball me over the plate of dressing!


  1. PCC- Creepy but tasty!
    RK- Oh my! Burkha Barbie Makeover! Why didn't my Beach Fun Barbie tell me about this? She knows that folks come here for breaking Barbie news... maybe thought I'd just freak out. At least there isn't a GI Hasan doll yet.

  2. i think that bird's in love, Chatter...

    and, for the live fish? I think that just put me off eating till at least Thanksgiving....OH, MAN!
    I had shark fin soup in Bangkok and that was so slimey and horrid I left the fin and drank the (very) delicious broth. For $50 a bowl, I can only imagine the waitresses took my bowl back and finished off the slime themselves!?

  3. Z- shark fin soup. You're braver than me!