Sunday, November 8, 2009

PCSI Fort Hood (Politically Correct Speech Investigation)

Re: The shooting rampage at Fort Hood that killed 13 people.

Barack Hasan Obama: “We don’t know all the answers yet, and I would caution against jumping to conclusions until we have all the facts.”

Hmmm... let's see. We know Major Nidal Malik Hasan was a practicing Islamofacist, not some much as evidenced by his shouting of “Allahu Akbar”, but more by the discharging of his firearms and killing of brave American patriots.

We know that Hasan was shot by a civilian policewoman, Kimberly Munley, in the incident. This blogger will go out on a limb here and call Ms. Munley a hero, even though Obama would just as soon I wait for all the facts. Who knows, she may have acted stupidly by not reading Hasan his rights.

I would caution here that there is absolutely no proof that Hasan was actually born in Hawaii, or if he still qualifies to some day be elected as the President of the Untited States.

Imam Mohammed Abdullahi says Islam is "not responsible" for Hasan's murderous and cowardly actions. In an unrelated story, the pot called the kettle a "shade of gray".

This reminds me of the scene from Stripes, where Francis insists on being called Psycho under threat of great bodily harm... only with a slight twist:

"My name is Imam Mohammed Abdullahi, but don't say that Islam was responsible for Nidal Malik Hasan going on a psycho killing spree. If any of you great satans call him Muslim, I'll kill ya."

Barack Hasan Obama: Do not jump to conclusions here. I know first hand that it is very possible that Hasan spent 20 years worshipping to racist hate-speech in his mosque without "catching that sermon".

Imam Mohammed Abdullahi: By the way, I'd like to give a shout out to the 12th Imam. Yo, you're number one with me dog!


  1. I'm not blaming Obama's policy yet. It seems so far that there were "Red Flags" on this guy as he served during the Bush years too.

  2. Perhaps President Barack Hussein Obama should stop listening to his spin doctors and start getting his news from reliable sources the way the rest of us do.

  3. dmarks- You're always my voice of reason :) I'm not blaming BO's policies, rather his callous and insensitive response to this tragedy, as well as his own questionable tuteling.

  4. PCC: You have a good point. Even if he won't appear on Fox News, he should at least watch it!

    DaBlade: Sounds like dubious trumpet-playing, indeed.

  5. Good point, Obama spent a long time in a church and never heard the racist rantings of the pastor. Maybe Nidal Malik Hassan Mohammed Ahkbar bin Laden never caught the extremist views while he was in church?

  6. Yeah, just like the Crash of EgyptAir 900 in 1999 was just a simple case of bad piloting, even though the pilot was heard saying, over and over, "I rely on God," and ignoring the other pilot's attempts to fix the problem.

  7. While we're on the topic of "jumping to conclusions" I'd just like to remind everyone that Obama is allegedly the President of the United States.

    Stop making assumptions!