Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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For you legions of folks who rely on this blog for your exclusive news, information, gossip, and the occasional weather report, my inactivity over the last few days must have left you scrambling around in a state of ignorance and confusion on current events (and whether or not you'll need a coat). I assure all of you (both of you) that I do take my internets responsibility seriously, and I promise I will endeavor to engage dozens of brain cells today in full-blown blogohaulic activity.

So let's catch up. This shouldn't take long. Since my last post, Obama's poll numbers (and that of his healthcare plan) have plummeted below 50%; Obama's indecision on Afghanistan continues unabated; the whole global warming scam has officially been debunked; and this just in - Adam Lambert is still gay.

Moving on... I read this headline on Drudge this morning: CA man allegedly paid teens to spit in his face, and I think to myself, "why is this news? Didn't 64,385,746 Americans vote to allow Obama to do no less?"

Then this:India tests nuclear-capable missile after sunset

Coincidentally, guess who is the guest of honor at Obama's little State Dinner and toga party at the WH tonight? That's right, none other than Indian Prime Minister Manmohan "Vijay" Singh, who split the fairway with this surface-to-surface Agni II missile in a longest drive contest with Obama. Obama will most likely respond with what he does best by bowing deeply to Singh repeatedly. A weak president like ours just invites missile messages. You would have thought Obama learned this lesson after inviting Ahkmadeenadude to his south lawn weenie roast over the summer.

In conclusion, look for partly cloudy skies witha mid-Michigan high in the lower 50's.


  1. Being a Disabled Army Vietnam Veteran: 1968-70- Helicopters, obama's goofy Juvenal indecision really gets my goat!
    How ignorant can he be? If we don't give the American troops already there in Afghanistan more support, they will get over whelmed and more will get killed. Simple Math!

    Obama and the Dims just stink, and the Lord will judge them harshly.

    Tom S
    Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70

  2. I guess I'm the other reader! I do enjoy your blog, and thank you for catching both of us up on the news of the day!

  3. Glad you posted, I've had to go to MSNBC for my "news".

  4. Heli GT- Thank you for your service. You, sir, are a great American to which I am indebted. The only shots he is sanctioning are of the verbal variety he is still aiming at Bush.
    Linda- I am here to selflessly serve in my own humble way.
    Chuck- Great! Let the reformatting begin.

  5. The news cycle has been brutally slow. But I missed the spit story. The man is an Obama voter, no doubt.