Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Debt Clocks and Space Rocks

The Democrats who originally complained about the presence of a debt clock on Capitol Hill, stating that it was "a political prop designed to message ideologically," now say it can stay - but ONLY, they insist, if we Spring Forward a few $Trillion.

In other news, the surprise meteor that exploded over the Russian Urals two weeks ago has been given a name. It shall now be know as "Fluke 2013". Not officially, mind you. Just on this blog. Hey, if the Weather Channel can name a 3" snow "storm" as "Rocky", then I feel empowered to name this space rock "Fluke 2013" in honor of Sandra.

Remember, two weeks ago the big hullabaloo was about some space rock named 2012 DA, and all it did was speed by Earth as a close call.  How does it get off with being named, and the one that actually hit and did damage did not?

Think about it, this rock and Fluke's notoriety are due to each leaving their respective belts behind, making a spectacle of themselves and causing innocent bystanders to clean up and pay for their damage. And both of them are now just smoldering large craters.

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