Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Postal Wear Coming Soon!

This makes me very happy.
U.S. Postal Service plans to launch a new line of clothing and accessories next year called "Rain Heat & Snow" and it promises to be "on the cutting edge of functional fashion".

Awesome. Finally, something different to wear on casual Fridays other than my well worn Lederhosen. Hopefully the "Rain Heat & Snow" accessories will include suspenders and a feathered fedora. 

Perhaps the plan is for an official government sanctioned uniform for Obama's (peace be unto him) promised civilian army. Maybe the accessories mentioned will include:

* Obamaphones sewn into the lining, complete with blue tooth technology that receives orders directly from armed drones overhead.

* Dual Mexican styled bandoleer ammo belts criss-crossing the young and idealistic civil service ranger's uniform. Hey, obama must have SOME plans for all those bullets he has been purchasing and stockpiling.

* A large, Camo military backpack chocked full of condoms and abortifacient drugs to be passed out to willing "citizens" and/or forced upon the Tea Terrorist sympathizers. (costs offset by forced funding of the Catholic church)

Now that I consider these possibilities, I think I'll just stick with my lederhosen, but I might line it with kevlar and my own accessories.

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