Saturday, February 2, 2013

Today's ASSignment: Who Shall Live?

I don't know why anything can still surprise me, especially coming out of a public school, but Wow! As George Costanza says, "I'm speechless! I am without speech!" 

(Original Source: Bamboo Bob ; Reposted: Kevin Jackson, via The Blacksphere)

Transcript follows.
BREAKING NEWS! I know it is small, but get a magnifying glass & you will NOT believe this assignment given to 11 year olds at a Missouri GOV'T chool! They are asked to decide who to let DIE after a Nuclear bomb situation & the fallout shelter only has enough food for some. The kids were told NOT to bring this home & show their parents. This is the 1st step of brainwashing these kids for bAMACARE & having to decide whose lives are more valuable than others...not to mention killing Grandma! When I have more details & ready to take it to the press I will let you know. These kids are only ELEVEN! — Bamboo Bob


Who Shall Live?

The following people are the only persons alive after an atomic war. The 15 of them are in a bomb shelter which has only enough supplies to allow for 7 people to survive the two weeks necessary for the radiation to drop enough to live on the outside.  If it were your decision as to who should live and who should die, whom would you select?

  1. Jean Garcia - 33. Spanish-American, Catholic, Cocktail waitress. Three months old when mother died. 4 years old when abandoned by her father. Spent 3 years in a children's home. Ran away from foster home after sexual attack by foster father. Completed 9th grade. On probation for prostitution. Nursing her 3 week old daughter.
  2. Lisa Garcia - 3 weeks old. Spanish-American nursing for food.
  3. Mrs. Evans - 32. Black, Catholic, Healthy, Special interest in participation sports. M5 in education. Teacher in elementary school. Loves children. One daughter, Mary.
  4. Mary Evans - 8. Black, Catholic, Healthy and intelligent.
  5. Mr. Thompson - 45. White, Mormon, Mr. Fix-it, all-around handyman. Four children whom he abandoned 2 years ago. 8th grade education.
  6. Louis Jones - 26. Black, Protestant, Very capable in electronics. High school graduate. Bitter about his childhood in the ghetto. Single.
  7. Mrs. Francis - 29. White. Atheist, Married 3 years, no children. A nurse.
  8. Father Frank - 58. White, Catholic priest. Under indictment for actions in civil rights activities
  9. John Harmon - 12. White, Jew, Class leader, athlete, good student, loves outdoors.
  10. Dr. Bennett - 66. Black, Baptist, Medical Doctor. Has had 2 heart attacks.
  11. Dr. Dane - 42. White, Methodist, College history professor. Very active in the community. One son, Bobby.
  12. Mrs. Dane - 39. White, Methodist, MS in social work. Does volunteer work in mental health clinic. One son, Bobby.
  13. Bobby Dane - 5. Enjoys outdoor sports, strong, loves pets. Cause of his mental retardation unknown.
  14. Mr. Michaels - 29. Black, Catholic, Suspended from medical school during senior year. Admittedly homosexual, Working as a medical assistant.
  15. Sister Mary - 23. White, Catholic, Runs the church daycare center. BS in child development


  1. When my son brought me this assignment my heart fell in my socks. I had it for a week before confronting the school, I got insight from other people, and I got my sons feeling on this and it was sad.
    This assignment was given in a 6th grade class, the assignment ask children to play God and none of it makes since. This assignment was originally created in a 1974 Illinois University Text book and the assignment has not value to it, for example:
    1. The demographic on races are not even close for the time we live in.
    2. In the sceneriao a 11 year old i ask to pick who lives and who dies, there are adults in this why would a child decide.
    3. All the teachers were written to be desisireble picks.
    4. My son did not pick himself to live, he told me he would rather die than pick someone to die, My son drew a picture of a cross above 2 people by the bomb shelter to represent God is the one who should pick.
    5. Realisticall people can survive up to 14 days without water and 8 weeks without food, if they alternate no one has to die, so what is the purpose of this exercise.
    At 11 children are just starting to put there tonka trucks and doll son the shelves, why are they getting such a assignment with such a terms of endearment mindset, what good came of this. I was really upset for a week, still am, a school I trusted allowed this to happen/

  2. Hi Chuck, Thanks for stopping by. I don't blame you for feeling both sad and angry about this assignment. However, based on your son's reaction, I'd also be bursting with pride, which I'm sure you are. Sadly, we can't protect our kids forever from the secular humanists, but one should reasonably expect them not to be subjected to this trash.

    These leftists have shown they will stoop to any level to try to create their civil army of brown shirts using our children. This assignment is a sad example of an attempt to desensitive them to valueing every life, forcing them to prioritize who shall live for the good of the state. And they wonder why tragedies like Sandy Hook happen when they are the programmers of these events.

    I'd be very interested in how the conversation went, and what resulted. Keep us posted, and God Bless you and your family.