Friday, January 24, 2014

Biebeliever Diplomacy deported to North Korea

This might just be the tonic to heal a divisive and bankrupt nation... This nation, that is. The Koreas wouldn't survive this holocaust.

I am thinking about renaming this blog to BieBlogiliever with the content 100% "All Justin Bieber, All the time". I have reached out to his people on this concept. So far no word. I think they're smoking weed all day right now but I'm sure they'll get back to me.


Jess said...

I think you'd be great with the public relations and they should pay you a few million a year to promote.

A little off subject, but a good idea: How about a sitcom with Justin and Miley playing twins? They could fool prospective dates by switching roles and getting in trouble with fake I.D.'s

Give it a thought. I think there's money to be made here. Just don't forget who came up with the idea.

cube said...

I love Jess's idea... But for the make up, I could've mistaken the two.

If Biebs is smart, which I've not seen much in that regard, he'll lie low for a while and just recup.

DaBlade said...

The Justin and Miley show... sort of like the Olsen twins, only without the likeability quotient. Bieber on a wrecking ball... there is a show! Miley arrested throwing eggs at neighbor's house... there is a show! Hmmm. I'm glad I thought of this! :)

and Leave it to Beibster, I don't think this sad little punk will grow up soon.

Z said...

Justin and Miley DO look almost exactly alike.........except his tongue's in his mouth where it should be. I think.

I don't ever want to hear his name again.

but, darn...........

DaBlade said...

Z I agree! Musta been a slow news day :)