Sunday, January 26, 2014

Planet Hillary Moon Unit Bill

The New York Times released a preview of their bizarre "Planet Hillary" cover last week, and the internets has been ablaze with some "hillaryous" Planet Hillary photoshops. Some of my favorites can be found at the links HERE and HERE

Of course I was inspired to do a couple of my own. Hope you enjoy!

Captain Kirk finds a cold and lifeless planetoid pant-suit in the neutral zone. Scotty! Beam me outta here!

PICTURED: A cold and lifeless planet... and Bill Clinton.

If you travel there, stay away from the arctic poles. Orbiting to the far side to the much warmer "land down under" is also considered extremely dangerous due to toxic gases.


  1. "Kirk to Spock."

    "Spock here"

    "No sign of intelligent life."

    "Kirk out"

  2. Now I really have a hankering for some original Star Trek. Jess, wasn't the first motion picture about a search for a whale? Search complete.

  3. That was a humdinger of a movie. The Earth is being destroyed by an alien spacecraft, that's looking for whales, but there aren't any to be found, so the logical thing is to destroy the Earth.

    So, Kirk and crew go back in time to San Francisco, find an interior decorator that uses tents for fabric, find Hillary, bring the entire find back to the future and the whale spacecraft opens a gay shop in the future San Francisco and Hillary runs it.

    I really liked the movie. The ending was kind of sad. Hillary missed the past so much, she jumped off the Golden Gate and the FEPA (Federation Environmental Protection Agency) fines the whale ship, which promptly destroys the entire city with a solid rainbow made from nuclear waste.

  4. LMAO, and I NEVER use that acronym. I believe your temporary writers block is gone!

  5. I remember it different, but Jess' version is better.

  6. No doubt Ed. His is a gift and a curse... we want more! BTW, the more I stare at my double-buddha "Erf" moo moo that I created for Hillary, the more I want want for me! Only not so large, and not in a pant suit. Maybe just an insulated hoody I'm thinking...

  7. The Star Trek whale movie was #4... yes, they were hunting for Hillary, but the least you can do is get the number right.

  8. "CUUUUUBBBBEEE!" (that was said in my Capt'n Kirk "Khan" yell voice.) In number one, earth was hunted by V-ger... so Hillary the star of that one too! :)