Friday, January 10, 2014

Chris Christie Donut Shop Lane Closure is a Bridge Too Far!

Alternate Headline: Chris Christie latest victim of the politics version of the Knockout Game, where he takes a "selfie" and beats his own a$$.

What about this G. W. Bridge story and Chris Christie, huh? Can we all agree that it must be GW's fault?

The thing I find the most unbelievable in this whole story is that bridge lanes are necessary for folks actually wanting to go to New Jersey. I've been to NJ once, and this, to me, doesn't smell right.

And they say we can't close the border.

You can close the WWII memorial with barricades, denying access for hundred-year-old vets for political punishment - no problem. You can use the strong arm of the IRS to target political opponents - no problem. Benghazi - Fast and Furious, and the list goes on - no problem. (if you're obama)

I draw the line when access to the donut shop is delayed.

“I am a very sad person today,” Christie said, between mouthfuls of glazed donuts. 

“I am heartbroken that someone was denied a donut because of my actions."


  1. So you're saying Christie will close the border if elected?
    Or he's a big fat donut eater?
    Or both.

  2. They should have called Chris Christie immediately. He could have donned his Donut Man cape, put on his oversize "Donut Man" spandex suit and busted through the bureaucratic red tape with a vengeance.

    "Thank you Donut Man. I feel safer and enjoyed my glazed dozen this morning."

    "Look, its a blimp!"

    "It's a shopping mall!"

    "NO. IT'S DONUT MAN!!!!!!"

  3. Ed, Again with the questions when you're supposed to tell ME what the heck this means. My blogs are like ink dots and commenters are my therapists (it saves me money that way).

    Here is the process... I wake up at 5am-530am. make/drink coffee and read the news on my computer. Sometimes I think of an odd angle on a story and have to post it before work so I can forget about it. If I don't post it, it nags at me and is all I can think about. Today's post started with 2 concepts. (1) I like donuts (2) I don't care for Chris Christie. The rest is up to you to interpret and to help me keep the voices in my head at bay.

    Jess - You intuitively seem to know how this works! LMAO, and I don't use that acronym just willy nilly. Nor have I ever typed "willy nilly" before. DONUT MAN in a super-sized spandex hero suit! If only DONUT MAN didn't walk hand-in-hand on the beach with the scrawny obama in the Riddler suit.

  4. he is up to ears in scandal now..OIY!!! have an awesome weekend my friend~!