Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Rose Bowl 2014 preview, Chattering Teeth Style

Happy New Year! And it kicks off with a Gay Pride Parade? THIS... Is Sparta?

2014 Tournament of Roses Wedding Party

How romantic.
Hey Percy, do you want to get married on a large Twinkie in the Rose Parade float?

After more than 100 years of family-oriented entertainment on New Year's Day, the Tournament of Roses Parade has veered off course. Organizers are allowing progressives to parade their political agendas around and morph a historic parade into an event more closely resembling a gay pride parade than the Rose Parade we have come to know.

Hey, don't kick the messenger down a never ending hole, but I've seen this movie before...

First, we have the gay parade float...

and exchanging of vows...

XERXES: I, Persian "god-King and hairdresser extraordinaire" Xerxes, take you, King Leonidas, to be my lawfully wedded gay, male slave concubine, to have and to sodomize, from this day forward...

KING LEO: Oh hell no! I believe there was a misunderstanding When your spies overheard me say that I wanted to "funnel Xerxes into my tight quarters and making him vulnerable by cramming him into my small cliff pass where my 'hold, push and stab technique' could be most effective..."

Then comes the football game, where according to wiki:

Before the battle, the Persian Captain demands that the Spartans lay down their weapons. Leonidas refuses, and the Spartans successfully repel the ensuing Persian assault, using their superior martial skills and the tightly-knit phalanx formation.

Not sure how this one ends though.


  1. I think too many people are beginning to think acceptance and tolerance are synonymous.

    It's like farting on a crowded elevator. Do it one time, and people will quietly go on their way.

    Do it again, and people will become irritated.

    When the point arrives where you demand to fart on the elevator, you find you're forced to use the stairs.

  2. I love that analogy. Unfortunately it is the traditional elevator riders being force onto the stairs though. We have suffered such a culture rot over my lifetime that I don't even recognize what is considered mainstream anymore. Traditional values with God at the center of a married mother and father has been replaced by the democrat progressive party of circus freaks. The only ones getting "married" as they call it are the gay hair dressers. Heterosexual couples simply cohabitate in sin playing video games instead of going to church. Abortion, out of wedlock births, and worship of big government. I wish a smelly elevator was the worse of our problems, but a stinky elevator smells sweeter than the average progressive.

  3. A culture that is a stench in the nose of God.
    At least bean soup fats are excusable, morally :)

  4. The convenience of a pad auto-correcting is offset by it substituting words for you.

  5. Haha! Mine always asks, "did you mean to say farts?"