Thursday, January 16, 2014

Marauding Devil Blog

North Korea warns South, US over 'provocative' military drills involving a motorized carriage careening back and forth along the DMZ (like a shopping cart with one bad wheel) with a Demon Baby inside (broadcasting in Dennis Rodman's voice: "I GOT THIS, I GOT THIS!"), while vomiting and flipping the little "Boy named Kim" the bird.

Sometimes, the merging of two separate stories I've read is a purposeful pursuit of self-amusement. Other times I think this happens randomly, and that I'll wake up and realize the little kenyan Chicago thug is not really president.

By the way, this video of the runaway Marauding Devil Baby Scaring People On The Streets Of New York is hilarious!

Blog Extra: a semi-amusing Picture Re-Post

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