Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Hook Hand of God

First, the 'Hand of God' spotted by NASA space telescope. Now this?

 Text: Son, it's all "kicks-and-giggles" until someone loses a Hand. Promise no more making nebulas and pulsars by lighting and exploding supernovas?

God created the heavens and the earth (and my sense of humor). No blasphemy intended. No blasphemy taken.

Now admit THIS was awesome!


  1. I was impressed when I saw the photo. Within seconds, I was thinking of it swatting Al Gore's jet from the sky, like it was a bloated fly at a summer picnic.

  2. Jess, great minds think alike.
    Then there's you and me.
    DaBlade is in a class by hizself, though. Thankfully.
    I used to be in a class by myself.
    The nuns called it Special Ed.

  3. Jess, I hadn't thought of that! I like. Though which would you rather have join you in conversation at a picnic, a bloated Algore or a bloated housefly?

    Special Ed! We are ALL in detention now. I went to Catholic schools also. Not sure what (if any) names they assigned me, but rest assured my friends and I assigned special names to distinguish them. :)

  4. My brother ran into one of the nuns we had as a teacher. She had left the order and as they talked, she mentioned Sister Pruneface. "Oh, yeah. We all knew you called her that." Her real name was Sister Wilhelmina.

  5. Wait -- I think I see a gold ring on the left finger. It must be Obama's hand we are seeing. After all, isn't he God? He has promised to stem the rising seas and single "Handedly" (no pun intended, ok maybe a little)save the planet.

  6. YES! That's what I'm talking about Ed! Are you sure we didn't go to the same school? Powers Catholic '79 :)

    rosey, I think you're on to something! Now if we can somehow get the rest of obama jettisoned into deep space...

  7. I think old Al would be a hoot at a picnic. After a few cold brews, and some ego enhancing praise, he'd be explaining the wonders of the universe to the delight of his audience...sorta like Cliff on "Cheers" except Cliff could be taken more seriously.

  8. At least a Red Ryder BB gun wasn't involved.

  9. Jess, if Al is buying, I'll be there! (Gore will buy when hell freezes over from AGW)

    cube-I'm sorry, but this administration has just announced it will be rounding up all Red Ryders for our own good.