Friday, January 31, 2014

SHOCKING Cheerios Super Bowl Ad!!

MSNBC keeps getting itself into trouble. This time the far-left TV network decided to use Twitter as its vehicle to offend the masses.

“Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww: the adorable new #Cheerios ad w/ biracial family,” MSNBC wrote on Wednesday night, linking to the new ad.

Hmmm. Super Bowl commercials can be half the fun, so I remember watching that commercial live last year. The racial makeup never occured to me, but I do remember feeling warm and fuzzy with the depiction of a family comprised of both a mother and a father. I imagine that was the reaction from most every Christian conservative. I remember very distinctly because of the hullabaloo regarding their biracial makeup the next day. Isn't it 'funny' that it is always the progressive leftists who race-bait and divide us by skin color, racial makeup, and classes?

If I had a fictional Cheerios Super Bowl TV ad, it would be inspired by the Banana Nut Crunches over at MSNBC, and it might go a  little something like this...

Wake up with Cheerios and Tune Out MSNBC!!!

Our friends over at MSNBC continue to shoot themselves in the foot with racist portrayals of rightwing conservatives, like last month's MSNBC Panel’s Odd Reaction to Picture of Romney’s Black Adopted Grandson and this week's bigoted tweet, we would just like to set the record straight.

As you know, last year's ad featured a biracial family pitching the original Cheerios, and its wholesome goodness for heart health - frankly, because we know how much those African-Americans enjoy their fried foods - am I right people?

This year, we have the Romney Family as our special guests. Mitt and Ann Romney insist they love their Multi Grain Dark Chocolate Crunch, with its rich, dark chocolate and natural chocolate flavor, as much OR MORE than their Frosted Cheerios. The delicious, sweet taste that kids love made with whole grain. (whole grain, *wink* *wink*)

MITT: Cracka Plezzz! Healthy never tasted so good!

So no matter what kind of "BI" family unit you have going for ya,
Whether you are a biracial couple, or even a bisexual couple

or maybe a biaccentual couple (having the ability to speak in two different accents)

There is a box of Cheerios just for you!


  1. We used to take our first born to the park when she was little and she played with a little boy and his sister every day.

    My daughter didn't know they were black until she saw a skit about the differences between us on Sesame Street. It hadn't even occurred to us to bring that up. To us, they were just little children playing in the park.

  2. We lived in a primarily black neighborhood.
    Nice couple next door had sweet 4 yr old named China who played with our 4 yr old.
    One summer day we hear through the kitchen window: "Let's play house. You be da daddy, I'll be da mommy."
    "Where's dat money I gave you. Did you give dat money to your f'ing girlfriend again?"
    We moved soon after.


  4. I'm really curious to see what flavor they come up with for bipolar, lesbian small people bi-racial couples with dyslexic refugee children and Great Danes.

  5. cube- kids go right to the content of character thing, don't they. As for Sesame Street, not surprised that progressive show begins to divide and play the race card to children.

    Ed- That cracked me up! And the gay Lucky Charms cereal link was also a hoot. When I think LGBT, the phrase "magically delicious" not on the list. Maybe "tragically conspicuous", and instead of the gay green midget pitching "Orange Stars, Yellow Moons and Pink Hearts and Green Clovers," I'm thinking "Orange bullwhips, Gold Nipple rings, (we can keep Yellow moons), and hmm... something pink"

    Jess- bipolar cereal. You, sir, are an idea man. I LIKE IT! It would have to have lots of sugar with a little speed dust, as well as some depressant capsules shaped like cartoon characters. The rest would certainly be a trail mix of some kind. Let's get to work!

  6. What the Left lives for:

    Isn't it 'funny' that it is always the progressive leftists who race-bait and divide us by skin color, racial makeup, and classes?

  7. Jess' comment CRACKS me up!

    your post is terrific. I love your warm and fuzzy feeling over a mom AND dad in the same house. Yup, that's radical enough for the leftwing ad agency folks! I guess they were throwin' a bone to the Christian conservatives with THAT one.

    Let's not kid ourselves about the MSNBC Tweet....they apologize, but AMERICA HEARD IT.
    it's midterm election year and I predict it's going to get SO VERY VERY UGLY toward Republicans this year even WE will be surprised. Wait for it.
    LOTS of insults in 3" headlines for DAYS making Conservatives look awful and lots of apologizes on page 45 down near the bottom. Happens every time.

  8. Z, I think you are so right about the MSM taking the gloves off. Its not like anyone looks at them as serious journalists anyways so they really have nothing to loose going all in. I just hope this version of Republican party gets trounced and we see a rise of conservatism.