Monday, January 27, 2014

I've got an ObamaPhone and this pen

In anticipation of Obama's little speech tomorrow where he will likely expand on his class warfare theme of income inequality and threaten the American public with his "I've got a pen and a phone" bull$hit, I am highlighting two previous posts involving the theme "obama" and "obama's phone". I do this for my amusement and so far it's working. I unfortunately may miss his little speech tomorrow as I have to was my pet squirrel's hair.

I once again demonstrate my gift of prophesy here -
It was back in March, 2008, when I posed the query:

It's 3 A.M., The phone rings in the White House. There is a crisis brewing. Who do you want to answer the phone?

And did you ever respond in a huge fashion and select the third option by an overwhelming margin of 2 votes to nil for the first two choices!

One of the two votes for Mr. Squirrel was not made by the late Ambassador Stevens, though had he stumbled here back then, I have no doubt the vote count would have been 0-0-3.

BTW, when I say "posed the query," it is translated to mean "asked the question" and has nothing to do with this year's edition of the Grammys.

Next up, one of my personal favorite blogs worth reading again in its entirety.

There is Fluff in the Stimulus

"Fluff has been great to work with so far," gushed Obama. "When we are on the move, Fluff is always checking the cell phone signal and alerts me when we are down to three bars. An emergency call is made for the immediate construction of a new cell tower to increase coverage and boost my signal. No more dropped calls for me, and additional, albeit unnecessary, infrastructure for you".

So will you be watching tomorrow, or spending time with your rodent?


  1. rodents all of 'em!..Happy Monday my friend~!:)

  2. Is that "Secret Squirrel". If so, the answer is obvious.

  3. Aren't you going to offer a choice?

  4. I'd rather watch THE BRADY BUNCH.

  5. WHT- It almost feels like a disservice to all things rodentia when u say that :)
    Jess- I don't believe Mr. Squirrel has any super powers, other than what he is not, and he is NOT the other two.
    Ed- Good point, as spending time with a rodent could go either way.
    Z- or anything else on the telly from back in the day. or the Weather Channel... Or the Fire Place Channel.