Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Shoveling Snow in Flint Can Be dangerous

It may be cold where you are, and shoveling snow can be dangerous. But trust me. Not as dangerous as shoveling snow in Flint Town.

Flint man shot while shoveling snow at home

FLINT, MI -- A man said he was shoveling snow when he was shot in the left thigh and left little finger, according to a police report.

He was shoveling around 4:30 p.m. Sunday at a home on North Stevenson Street near Woodbridge Street when he suffered the gunshot wounds. He said he did not know who shot him.

He was taken to the hospital where he was listed in good condition. There was no other information included in the report.

Flint received about 17 inches of snow over the weekend.

OK, I guarantee there is a whole lot more to this story ("a man said"). I know for a fact that area of town has not been plowed since the 60's, dropping the odds to zero that this was an actual drive-by shooting. And if our fancy, double-paned vinyl windows aren't functioning due to the extreme cold here in the suburbs, those barred aluminum monstrosities won't open until spring - dropping the odds to zero that someone took a potshot at this dude from the safety of there own home. Occam's razor suggests that either his old lady shot him, or he shot himself in the thigh while shoveling.

In any case, this list of Eight rules that will keep you out of the emergency room this winter while shoveling needs to be expanded to cover Flint.

Shoveling Dos and Don'ts
#9 - Layer your clothing and include chain mail and kevlar
#10 - Always fall into the cleaned area after being shot. This increases the odds you will be found alive, and if not - at least the police can see the chalk outline.


  1. no time to fix the typos and misspellings- had to shut it down to get to work. List not complete so feel free to add to it...

    #11- never bring a snow shovel to a Flint gun fight.

  2. I need to add: Never shovel snow, while singing "I kissed a girl" as loud as you can, while wearing a tutu; especially if you're overweight and have five o'clock shadow....on your back.

  3. Jess- HAHA! What a visual! Wait... you seem to have a lot of inside information on this shooting... how's your thigh? :)

    Ed- Never?.... What, shovel in Flint? Never shovel in a tutu? Never blog anymore? I want a full report on my desk by morning.