Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Chattering Teeth Headline News

North Korean releases disturbing video of a crippled cruise ship flailing about in the Sea of Japan after rudder had taken merciless fire from the supreme leader's sidearm. Unlike the earlier propaganda video of a US aircraft carrier on fire - this one appears to be legit.

Meanwhile, Kim Jung Un has his top chef executed due to misunderstand after being told there was a catastrophic "lunch failure" instead of "launch failure" in latest missile test. The top rocket scientist has been demoted and is now responsible for successful hoagie hero sub lunch launches. A despot has to eat.
I leave you with this:
What happens when an unstoppable farce meets an immovable object?
Do you view Roe as “super precedent?” Feinstein asked.

Gorsuch: “It has been reaffirmed many times, I can say that, yes.”

Feinstein:  Are you REFUSING to say that Roe v. Wade is a Super Double 'D' Duper expialidocious precedent?


  1. I'm just waiting for the North Koreans to come to my house looking for their missing missile. Thanks to a dental implant, I have something very similar to a NORK missile up my face.

  2. Neil Gorsuch should have done to feinstein what James Mattis did to Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.)...

    Hell yea.

    1. I think he did just fine. He gave her the Tucker Carlson look.

  3. sorry i went to bed early... thanks all for cleaning up!

    cube - that doesn't sound like fun! Is that still a nuisance? If I am told i need one, I might just tell them to spackle over the gorge.

    Kid - YIKES! That was fantastic! Only a Mattis satire could pull that off. Gorsuch melts faces with his brain.

    Ed, Tucker Carlson is no relation, nor Gretchen or any of the other Fox Carlsons - but I have been working on that stare.
    Re: "Prayers your way." - did i miss something?