Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Just Got Paid

Flint water settlement

A $97 million settlement agreement was reached yesterday which bound the city of Flint to replace approximately 18,000 lead and galvanized service lines.

Instead, Flint spent the money on 122,000 pairs of Jordans, 82,000 assorted custom wheels & rims, a semi filled with gold rope chains and jewelry, some smokes and hooch and a dark hoodie.

When the Concerned Pastors for Social Action, Natural Resources Defense Council and American Civil Liberties Union of Michigan inquired as to the whereabouts of the $97 million, the City of Flint promised them they'd put a little somethin' down on it.


  1. I drive through there quickly on my way to Frankenmuth.....

  2. Good Luck sir. Hey, you know what they call a gay female dinosaur? Likalotapaus.

    Male? Megasauras.

    Delete if ya want.

  3. Ed, You drive past here quickly? I'm gonna have to lead you more... with a chicken wing. whadja think I meant?

    HAHA! Kid? I would never delete my friend, Ed. I don't know why you would even suggest it.

  4. LOL. You forgot the grills. Gotta have gold in your teeth ;)