Friday, March 3, 2017

Sweetcakes Bakery Back in Court (Large Lesbian couple appear in court covered in frosting and confectionary sugars)

Remember that story in 2013 regarding Aaron and Melissa Klein - a Christian couple who owned a bakery and were sued for refusing to bake the faux 'wedding cake' for a lesbian couple, and were subsequently sued and had to pay a $135,000 fine, putting them out of business?
Well, they've appealed.

Chattering Teeth News - There were "oral arguments" in Salem Oregon Court of Appeals yesterday related to a lesbo couple who forced a pair of intolerant christian bakers out of business.

By the phrase, "oral arguments" you might wrongly assume (as I did) that the lesbians are having problems in the bedroom. That would be gross, and frankly none of yours or my business as to what these two adult women do in the privacy of their obviously over-sized master bedroom at the end of their trailer.

What we can safely assume (by looking at a recent picture) is that the two have been amply supplied with donuts, cakes and other baked goods at a very prodigious rate - and empty pizza and cake boxes must be ubiquitous in their loving home (not that there's anything wrong with that).
Thank Gaia! Lesbian married couple, Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Cryer, have been 'up to their chins' in cakes since forcing christian bakers out of business. $135,000 won in the liberal west coast court systems will buy a lot of goodies.

Rest assured, this blog will not leave you 'sagging' but will keep you abreast of any new developments in the case.

for Aaron and Melissa's side of things, find them on Facebook by searching: @sweetcakesbyMelissaKlein/


  1. I think God may have decided their punishment for their terrible actions against the bakery will lead to a requirement of piano boxes and small cranes after their demise. May they rest in butter cream icing, with sprinkles.

  2. Jess, excellent! However, they are debating whether to be cremated or not (cream-ated?) and are currently looking for a suitable active volcano.

    I'm guessing they will be back in the baking business soon, or at least after these west coast monkey trials are concluded. I'm sure if we looked we would find generous donations have been made to their cause. It's the rest of small businesses who are still under attack by our over-reaching govts and court systems every day...

  3. Now I understand your comment over at Kid's blog post about the hippos. Ugh. I'm guessing they, the lesbians not the hippos, were able to find another bakery to take care of their confectionery needs.