Sunday, March 5, 2017

Was Suspicious Surveillance Van Caught On Traffic Cam Outside Trump Towers?

Even if this IS an actual screen capture of a suspicious surveillance van outside of Trump Towers and not some photoshopped image expertly crafted by an obviously talented individual? What proof is there to suggest that 'sick' Obama bugged Trump?

Somewhere deep in the bowels of the suspicious surveillance van...
Unfortunately, Obama had assigned the operational wiring and logistics to Joe "Plugs" Biden.

If the van starts a rockin'...

Meanwhile, the power grid on the Eastern Seaboard...


  1. Of course, the msm won't cover this breaking story from Chattering Teeth News... typical. BTW, there is a bonus 'Hidden Objects' puzzle in today's entry. Did you spot Tasty Tyrone? :)

  2. Tasty Tyrone???? I thought that was supposed to Reggie Love.

  3. Great graphics. We need some stuff that can't be unseen by the libtards though. This is all too complicated for them.

  4. Good one cube. Where is obamas body man anyway? Maybe he's driving the van.

    I can't blame them for that here cuz I sometimes can't follow me either.