Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Kellyanne Conway Casually Trolls Democrats From Couch on the Dais During Trump Speech

 ‘I certainly meant no disrespect’: Kellyanne Conway

Chattering Teeth News - White House adviser Kellyanne Conway took a casual posture from a couch on the dais during President Trump's first address to a Joint Session of Congress.

"I didn’t mean to have my feet on the couch," Kellyanne later told this CT News reporter.

About halfway into the speech, Kellyanne was witnessed stretching out on the couch and covered in a comfy afghan, eating popcorn from a bowl and watching Netflix streaming on her phone.

Later, President Trump explained the reason for the couch on the dais in the first place. "I got the idea from the fan contest  they hold at the Staples Center where winning fans get to watch Clipper games in style on a plush sofa, with food and beverage service and free parking provided. Kellyanne just happened to be the winner for this speech. She's been very, very loyal. That I will tell you."

Schumer later missed his free throw attempt in typical obama fashion and failed to win the new car during commercial break.

Another bizarre observation involved a gaggle of democrat women wearing white, for reasons not totally clear. 
The women in white did remain seated when Trump asked Congress to honor our soldiers. Maybe their ability to stand had something to do with their lunch buckets?
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., called her outfit a "statement of values," and said many of the women will be dressed similarly.



  1. Trump manages to compile a group of Historically Black Colleges and Universities, but the new is "Kellyanne on the couch" ???? Bias, anyone?

  2. I am fasting for Ash Wednesday but am gorging on every democrat grimace like it's a huge slab of rare prime rib smothered in liberal hypocrisy.

  3. KellyAnne was simply trying to steralize that portion of the couch for DJT as historical CCTV footage showed the Mooch being the last boob belt wearing unknown gender supposed 'obama' to reside there. She may have been masturbating at the time. (DJT is far too proper to allow that sort of detail out the the public.) Because the cabinet position for White House Furniture Czar has not yet been confirmed yet due to the obstructionist demrcraps, President Trump must endure having a couch that has likely seen and been party to homo and transgender sex over the last 8 years. God Bless You KellyAnne for trying to excorcize that POS couch. You should be given a America Freedom Medal twice as big as the one the moron Biden received from the POS barry soetoro.

  4. HAHA! White House Furniture Czar. LOL. Of course, this reminds me of one of the functions of a furniture czar - Holey Mattressmony. (clearly, I have blogged about almost everything at this point)
    We are gathered on this Waukesha County street corner today, to join together this man and this discarded couch in holey mattressmony... Do you take this couch for your lawful wedded furniture, to live in the holey estate of mattressmony? Will you love, honour, comfort, and cherish her from this day forward and not beat the stuffing out of her, forsaking all other couches, sectionals, end tables and Lazy-Boys, keeping only unto her for as long as you both shall live?

    I do.

    May the furniture tag, removeable under penalty of law, be a symbol of your love and commitment. The husband may now hump the cushions.