Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The Rachel Maddow Effect - Punk'd TV

The Hollywood Reporter has the best headline on this story:

Critic's Notebook: Rachel Maddow Tortures Audience, Then Reveals Donald Trump, Gasp, Paid Some Taxes

Michael Carbanaro: What if I told you this isn't really The Rachel Maddow Show, but a hidden-camera magic TV show that tricked you into watching this moron?

BTW, The Carbonaro Effect is one of my family's favs. Getting this dude's audience numbers into triple digits would be his greatest trick ever.


  1. I read about Rachel's Trump tax debacle. Tune in tomorrow when she announces she's coming out of the closet! OY!

  2. In other who gives a shit news... Ben Affleck is an alcoholic.

  3. I think millions of people should create kim jong un handles on twitter and tweet like there is no tomorrow. :)

    Thank you rachel for letting us know Trump pays a lot of taxes. At least he did in 2005. lol

  4. cube, is it too late to put a paddle lock on that closet from the outside? yikes.

    Doc, Ben Affleck will hopefully turn his life around now like Lindsey Lohan, because we need their talents... what is it they do again?

    Kid, Got it! Trying to Hail the Chief, eh? That just might work :)

    Ed, Heh. but he did take some large deductions!