Friday, March 31, 2017

In the "Bad Business Ideas" department

And now this:
It's everything you'd like in a classic coney dog, but in pizza form. The coney sauce is the sauce on the pizza.

Hmmm... I like coney dogs and I like pizza...

In the "Bad Business Ideas" department, this blog can't help but think that it would be a mistake for Christian Slater to open a pizzeria in Key West, regardless of the string of his failed shows.
I can almost see Christian waving at traffic and shouting, "I'm not even a religious person... I just have this unfortunate name."
"Will you cater my gay wedding?"
"You want pizza at your wedding? Sure, happy to. Love is love, after all, and who doesn't love pizza?

Or how about Bad Business Idea #7,083:
Christian Bale's Bakery

Bad Marketing ideas of the past...
Kim Jong Un Pyongyang Barber Shop


  1. New Coke springs to mind. Biggest business boo boo I can think of right off the bat. I'm with you about the Coney Pizza. I grew up in NYC so eating Coney Island dogs was something we did often and there was no shortage of pizzerias where you could grab a slice. Together? No. Just thinking about it raises a serious barf alert in my stomach.

  2. Oh, BRING THAT PIZZA ONNN!!!! MMMM But ya....I love a dog (tho I've never been to Coney Island) and pizza..separate. Still, why nOT?!!!

    1. I personally can think of a dozen reasons why not, taste being foremost among them.

  3. cube, I've never had the original coney islands, but Flint and Detroit have their own rival versions that are very popular. I have always preferred my Flint coney's, but love the chance to stop in to Lafayette's in downtown Detroit. I with you on the New Coke and the dog and pizza combo.

    Z, You are a rebel! Sounds like a great episode of blog food wars :)

    Ed, Do you think if Mr I were still around, he would allow this done to his pizza?