Thursday, March 16, 2017

Pedro for President

McDonald's drive-thru worker jumps through window to save off-duty officer

Pedro Viloria, a McDonald's drive-thru worker in Florida, went into "hero mode" by jumping through the drive-thru window to save an off-duty police officer having a health emergency on Tuesday. 

The woman had just ordered breakfast for herself and her two children, when she started having difiiculty breathing and lost consciousness. She slumped in her seat as the SUV began to roll...

I wish I had a nickel for every time this happened to me, but usually it's AFTER consuming their products.

But that's when our hero, Pedro, must have said something like, "Not on my watch! Let's roll!" as he vaulted thru the window, launched himself towards the vehicle and wrestled it to the curb and saving this lady and her children from on-coming traffic - pulled her from the vehicle as a co-worker administered CPR.

Once the lady was revived, she learned her order was shorted by one hash brown.


The take-away for me is that
Number One: Pedro for president. God Bless you young man. I snark, and yet I take my funny looking paper hat off to you and your quick actions.

Number Two: (and most importantly) In this day and age when it is almost IMPOSSIBLE to get quality and timely health care (thanks obama) I know where I'm going when I have my next health emergency - my local McDonald's drive-thru.

"Would you like fries with that myocardial infarction?"


  1. It's getting harder and harder to tell which parts you making up anymore.

  2. Yea Pedro !!

    But after the lady ordered 2 big macs and a filet-o-fish, she did end up with tuna salad and a 3 fresco salads.... Just sayin.

    Never go through the Drive Thru. Language !

  3. Yes! Great movie. Thankfully, Pedro is doing the job most Americans are no longer able to do - provide quality affordable drive-thru health care.

    Hey! The print on the bottom of my Coke cup says I won a free colonoscopy with an order of a Happy Meal!