Thursday, March 9, 2017

Two Wild and Crazy Guys Swipe Diapers in Fox Crossing

 100,000 diapers? Are you looking to sell them, pawn them, or here to see Chumlee?

Wisconsin men arrested in theft of 100,000 diapers
FOX CROSSING, Wis. - Two Wisconsin men are accused of stealing 100,000 diapers.

The Post-Crescent reports that Fox Crossing police allege the men stole nearly 1,800 cases of diapers -- valued at more than $45,000 -- from a charity that provides goods to needy families.

Authorities say the diapers were stolen between Jan. 3 and Feb. 13 at a local warehouse.

Police say it appears the men stole the diapers to make money.

The "Police say it appears the men stole the diapers to make money" and not to make doodoo.

Hands up! Don't poop!!!

Chattering Teeth News reports the men -- John Forbes and Jason Havel -- were jailed and charged with theft, but their attorney says his clients self-identify as newborn infants so the soiled diaper caper charge won't stick.

Listen, it's easy to make jokes about this, but we have to be right every time and the diaper thieves only have to be right once. Thankfully, these perpetrators were apprehended, roughed and coughed and bums powdered with talk for a long night in county lockup. Just imagine the awkward response to the question, "what are you in for?"

BTW, this actually happened in a town called "FOX CROSSING"? Has anyone else considered these two gentlemen may actually be TWO WILD AND CRAZY GUYS? The reports I'm reading are inconclusive as to the nationality of this diaper swipers, or if they are actually two Czech brothers.
Georg: We need to find some American foxes for our swinging bachelor pad!

Yortuk: This map says there is a "Fox Crossing" in American Wisconsin! We will cruise for them in our tight slacks which give us great bulges!

Georg: First let's steal some diapers. Foxes love the baby talk.

Yortuk: And we might SCORE 1500 times, because...

We are.. two wild and crazy guys!


  1. The wild and crazy guys was an SNL hit. :-)

    I enjoyed when they also talked about the big American breasts.

  2. I always use Steve Martin as my "6 degrees of separation" anchor. That was one of my fav SNL skits.

  3. Those were the funny days of SNL... way too political when the GOP is in office. Did they ever make fun of obola during the 8 years he was in office? No, I don't think so.

  4. you're right, cube. unfunny lately. Humor must be rooted in truthiness for it to work. 8 years of fawning over that disaster was 8 more years than I could bare.

  5. There was a veritable wearth of stuff that could've been made fun of about obama, yet it never happened. Such a waste of good humor material never materialized. Trump is in office for 15 minutes and "lordy mama" there's a gold mine of material. Seriously, how does that work?