Saturday, March 18, 2017

Was Trump's Irish Proverb actually a Nigerian Prince email Scam?

Trump's 'Irish proverb' appears to be a Nigerian poem
(CNN) - A Nigerian man has told CNN he was surprised to learn that US President Donald Trump had read a few lines of his poetry at an event marking St. Patrick's Day on Thursday.

"My sister just brought the news to me. I didn't want to believe what she said initially," Albasheer Adam Alhassan, a Nigerian banker who wrote the poem in college, said. "I posted those things when I was back in school, over 10 years ago. I never thought it would get to this level."

Nigerian poem? Here is a snippet of Trump's comments. See if you can spot the controversy.

May the Nigerian Prince rise to email you.
May your bank funds be always in your account.
May you share your routing number with the prince.
to help him out of a legal pinch.
And until he emails you again,
May you hold your remaining funds in the hollow of your hand.


  1. Hi Mary Ann, I'm curious how you stumbled here and what you might have googled to direct you here (?) because I don't recognize your name (we aren't cousins or something, are we?) and I doubt you travel in the same blog circles as I do - but that's ok. I think sometimes we just talk to like-minded folks in an echo chamber and never listen to opposing views with any civility. I know I've been guilty of that myself, and for that reason you can expect I won't try to shout you down or insult you because you have given me the same courtesy. Thanks for that.

    Specifically to your comment... I know exactly how you feel because that is exactly how I've felt these last 8 years verbatim. Will you at least agree to that without assigning motives to me for those same feelings? I hope so.

    As for Trump, I didn't vote for him. I am a christian conservative who found Hillary as repugnant as I found obama to be, so obviously I didn't vote for her either. That said, I have been pleasantly pleased with many of the actions our new president has taken and the cabinet he has/is forming. I've stated before that,, had I known Donald would select Gorsuch - I likely would have voted for him just on that alone - for I still hold out the prayers that the abomination of abortion will some day rightly be outlawed for the infanticide it is. I would trade that for any statist government 'healthcare' policy or big government family leave entitlement that furthers us along toward financial ruin. At least then this country might find it's soul again.

    Regarding Merkel, maybe Trump should have shaken her hand for the photo op. I don't know. Decorum and all. But I won't lose any sleep for his position he is taking regarding her poen border policies that may well ruin Germany.

    Jerry Carlson (DaBlade)
    Blogmaster extraordinaire

  2. I'd LOVE to know what big secret Mary Ann has about the Merkel/Trump meeting because by all reports, it went quite well. I don't think liberals like the idea of America coming out ahead, or actually making demands for fairness. Bugs them somehow. The BIG HANDSHAKE fiasco might be what she's referring to...and that's yet another example of his not being a politician...if you watch the video, he never even sees her lean toward him and she really didn't as much as they're saying she did.......
    Oh, if ONLY the media'd treated Obama with the same critical eye.....

  3. By the way...the Irish proverb Trump quoted and was excoriated for actuallY IS in an Irish proverb...the media got it ugly and wrong yet again.

  4. Hi Z. Ah yes, "The BIG HANDSHAKE fiasco". Another Nothing Burger sauteed to perfection by our media chefs. I shouldn't complain. A Nothing Burger is better than "nothing" for this Catholic who chose to give up meat for the entire Lenten season (not just Fridays)... at least I don't think media Nothing Burgers violate my meat fast.

    In any event, I hadn't heard that the Trump quote actually had Irish origins but doesn't shock me to learn this. Ha!!!

  5. Hey Mary Ann, what's your game now, can anybody play?
    The sad thing is that Z is right regarding the origins of the poem, yet every CNN watcher is swallowing this bullshit hook, line and sinker - along with every other "fake news" story that they promulgate. The poem has been found to have origins in text as early as the 1930's and probably earlier - a book published in 1976 attributes it to an old Irish poem, yet cnn believes the 1st Niger (that is what a Nigerian is, right?) that claims to have written this poem only 10 years ago. Again, the movie "Idiocracy" comes to mind - now back to batin'.

  6. Thanks for that info, doc. It all makes sense now. Mary must have found some of my earlier posts that were a little more critical of our favorite president in the last decade.

  7. Personally, I hope Mary Ann, and every other libtard has to keep a big trash can by their bed because every morning, 18 seconds after their little eyes pop open and they realize once again that DJ Trump is the president, they have to projectile vomit and don't even have time to get to the bathroom.

  8. Thank You Z. So the Nigerian poet is a lot like the Nigerian sign language expert that DaBlade has on his right sidebar? hahaaa

  9. yep. I'm having to go to the Nigerian sign language guy more and more in attempts to follow the news :)