Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Menudo-bama: your next American Idol?

The young, unvetted, and inexperienced candidate versus the "been around the block" wily veteran. Of course I am talking about last night's sing-off between 16-year-old David Archuleta and 25-year-old David Cook. Hey, maybe becoming the next American Idol isn't quite on the same level as becoming leader of the free world, but even Drudge saw the analogy with this splash - ELECTION NIGHT: 'IDOL' FINALE DETAILS...

I have gone on blog recently of my dislike for that squinty-eyed and grinning like an idiot kid (Yes, Obama fits here too, but I'm talking about Archuleta). I've predicted that Cook would spank this little pseudo-humble child Magoo, or so help me Sanjaya, I swore I'd never watch again!

It's not that the little punk can't sing. In fact, I would readily admit that the cadence, rythym, and tone of his voice is hypnotic. Just like Obama, every utterance out of little David's pie-hole is sweet nectar to the ears. But just like Obama, it's empty rhetoric that will never grace my 8-track car stereo. I don't buy what either Obama or little David are selling.

I will concede that, if given a choice between the two, the country would be in safer hands with Archuleta at the foreign policy wheel and Obama being the front man to the next Menudo.

The crowd of mostly pre-pubescent teens in the audience went crazy nuts before, during, and after little David's songs. There were high-pitched screams of adoration, with several star-struck gals holding up signs. One sign read "I NEED A PROM DATE". I was reminded of this scene:

And so it appears that "little d" and "little o" will win the nomination in their respective contests. (I predict) Archuleta will become the next American Idol in the Idol convention tonight, but fall flat in the general election (retail sales), getting out-sold by the second place Cook by a large margin. The deck is stacked. Even the superdelegates of Randy, Paula, and Simon heaped nothing but praise on the kid, afraid of the lash back from the enthusiastic, yet intellectually vacuous crowd.

Maybe I'm wrong and little d loses the Idol crown and Hillary gets the nod over little o in the Democrat race. Erin Carlson, AP writer, asks us to "Imagine all the people, voting against such a sweet, shy kid. Like kicking a puppy."


  1. So, I guess this David Archuleta must be of Hispanic origin, otherwise you wouldn't be comparing him to Menudo, right? I'm guessing, because I've never seen the show.

    Reminds me of your comparision of Senator Obama and his pastor to the characters in "Sanford and Son", and when you tried to compare Obama with O.J. Simpson for some reason the other day.

    Hmmm...some might compare Sen. Obama to JFK because they see similarities in their youthful idealism and their ability to inspire people. Some might compare him to Dan Quale, another young politician, chosen for his photogenic qualities, but short on substance. (I would be from the first group).

    Still, instead of making comparisions to people based on personality or policy qualities, you seem to zoom in on race. I'm not saying you're a racist, Blade, but some of your jokes sound like they could come out the mouth of a 70's sitcom character.

    Go ahead, accuse me of being "politically correct". Just remember though, calling somebody "politically correct" doesn't necessarily void the point they are making.

    A comment which acknowledges somebody's race doesn't make it a racist comment, but continously comparing people to ridiculous racial charicatures can.

  2. Hey Blade, I have to tip my hat to this Kevin guy. Most libs won't discuss issues they just repeat the party talking points and curse anyone who questions any of their views. Then they try to get the opposing view silenced by censorship, government control etc..

  3. Do you see what you did there, DuhBlade? You didn't really dispute my claim, but instead blamed me for alleged crimes committed by the Democratic Party. First of all, I don't accept the your premise that the party "constantly parses by race and gender." Even if I did, I don't think I can any more take the blame (or credit) for the activities of the Democratic Party than you can for the PGA.

    Your point would be easier to make if you:
    1) Made an honest attempt to take some time here to examine actual policy positions of Sen. Obama, or

    2) Spent less time comparing Sen. Obama to ridiculous charichatures or villians that just happen to share the same pigmentation as him.

    Satire is hard to nail down well. Maybe you spent too much time watching Steve Martin in your formative years to understand satire. Don't get me wrong, Martin is very funny, but his attempts at satire fall flat too. Did you see "L.A. Story"? Steve is funniest when just being goofy. Satire isn't simply making fun of something, and yes it is possible for satire to be racist.

    Oh, and "Pic-Pic": Take your statement, replace "libs" with "wing-nut conservatives", and you will find your comment in about a billion blog comment in liberal-minded blogs throughout the web. Both sides are guilty of not examining their own beliefs, but merely "repeating the party line".

    BTW, why is it that only libs sign their real names at this blog?

  4. OK. One at a time then.

    Kevin McKague-Murray says:
    "You didn't really dispute my claim."
    What? That I'm a racist? You want me to protest your assinine assertion by stating something like "I've got African-American and Latino friends"? How about this Kev - "Fxxk off". Before you congratulate yourself for getting under my skin, understand that I say that with no malice in my heart. If you come here and disrespect me, you will get equal treatment. You don't set the agenda here pal.

    Kevin McKague-Murray says:
    "(make) an honest attempt to... examine actual policy positions of Sen. Obama."
    Hmmm. You first. "hope?" "change?" He has as much substance as the lifesize cardboard cutout I used to have of Steve Martin.

    Kevin McKague-Murray says:
    "Spent less time comparing Sen. Obama to ridiculous charichatures(sic) or villians that just happen to share the same pigmentation as him."
    You have obviously been on the road too long. Check the exhaust system on the 18-wheeler full of B.S. you're carrying, 'cuz I think you're sucking your truck's fumes. This is funny. I don't care who you are.

    Kevin McKague-Murray says:
    "BTW, why is it that only libs sign their real names at this blog?"
    Ummmm. I dunno. Because they don't like the nicknames they were given, like "poopy pants", "booger", or "Spaz"? You act like giving out your name and phone number is a virtue. I see it for what it is. A desperate plea for attention. A cry for meaning in your life. Me? I'm not running for a council seat or trying to ingratiate myself to Michael Moore. I do this for fun. Thanks for playing.

    As for our nicknames, they are carry-overs from the golf league. We think they are fun. They make us laugh. Try it some time. Besides, you know my name. We are almost neighbors. For anyone else who doesn't, they are exactly two clicks away.