Sunday, May 4, 2008

Filly euthanized after 2nd-place finish

"Is this what our country has come to!," thought I, as I read that headline. Just because she finished second in Guam?! "It was only by 7 votes for Rush sakes!"

Then I realized the headline referred to the tragic ending for Eight Belles, runner-up in yesterday's Kentucky Derby. This horse broke both front legs during the post-race slowdown, a death sentence for any horse with just such a devastating inury.

Much "political hay" is being made out of the fact that Hillary had picked this horse to "win, place, and show", while Obama had picked Colonel John to win, Pyro to place, and the eventual winner Big Brown to show.

Are the Clintons treating Obama like a lawn jockey by leveraging this "country's latent racism against this incredible man", or did I just throw that in at the last minute in keeping with the horse theme? (dang. I feel soiled just typing that. But as Steve Martin used to say, "comedy is not pretty")

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