Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Split the wacko vote!

"I'm still in the race, and I'm — I'm a candidate. We only have a couple more primaries left. And we want to maximize our influence... (Is it over?) Well, yes, he has the votes, so it's — in that way, it is, but it's not over until it's over."

Hillary Clinton, after yesterday's primary debacle you say? Nope. That's Ron Paul being interviewed by Neil Cavuto on why he is staying in the race. Paul hints that he would be more likely to vote for the democrat nominee than for McCain because "Their rhetoric is slightly better". Maybe Hillary and Ron will eventually break out and form a third-party team to split the wacko vote.

One can dream, can't one?

Meanwhile, from Eyeblast TV, take another look at the eventual Democrat nominee (Via

Video: Eyeblast TV Creates - ‘A Video Portrait Of Barack Hussein Obama’ - This 13 minute video is a compilation of the absurdity that defines the left and the sad state of affairs of those that march in lock-step with the uninformed masses that bow to the altar of the new “Rock Star, Obama.”


  1. When I heard a Ron Paul for President ad on NC radio last week it was a "What the...?" moment. But then I realized he has a new book out and what better way to spend the millions still in the campaign coffers than by indirectly marketing a book.

  2. I would like to quote the left wing whackos at this time:

    "More Kool-Aid, please."